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Kepler Initiative / COURAGE

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The light hiding in the shadows
The ones that aren’t seen but who see
These are the men in hats and ties
These are the Kepler agents-

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Historical Environment:
During the economic chaos of the synth-world production in 2920 political pressure was rampant. Many people where frustrated with the way the UEE was handling their financial assets, particularly on the background of what seemed to be a lack of reaction to the increasingly frequent Vanduul attacks.

The first public recognition of the Kepler Initiative came in the form of a leaked document. Source of the leak traced back to some workplace error at the synth world production but on the spectrum there is a common conspiracy that the documents where in fact leaked intentionally. However, the organization can be traced back to the early days of the world-building planning phases. According to said documents, the organization was a twin formation of information gathering and precise use of force, formed to effectively deal with potential crime on the synth world upon its completion. It was decided that a project like this opened up some opportunities to hardwired supervision systems into the planet itself, allowing for ways of surveilling and handling the population in ways previously unheard of. Ideas like “streets that record footsteps and identify shoe brand” and “synthetic trees that record sound” where thrown around but as the world building project started slowing down in 2920 the organization was stranded with an impressive amount of employees with little to do but wait until the world project was back on track.

In the wake of this the organization took a radical new turn, turning into a freelancing organization working for the most part on UEE contracts but later expanding into affiliating themselves with other organizations and even alien races mostly for financial reasons but also to justify their own continued existence. Although it appears that, the organization affiliated themselves with sometimes-questionable entities it has been cleared out that it always did so under strict supervision and approval from higher ups in the UEE.

In 2936 the organization took another radical turn as the previous leadership was indicted for corruption and quickly terminated from the ranks. The role of directing the organization was turned over to a mysterious business figure that according to rumor had some relation to the bloodline that originally brought forth the plans for the organization in 2860. With this change, the Kepler Initiative became a fundamentally mysterious organization, more so then what it had previously been. Often working in cooperation with the front lines of the UEE specializing in surgical strikes, information gathering from behind enemy lines and political assassinations. More interestingly however is that it appears at this point that though the organization was diverting away from their freelancing they stayed in contact with separate organizations and alien races. Going so far as to provide military and informational aid to fringe worlds and separate entities from the UEE or even humanity.

It is not entirely know what their philosophizes or agendas are, ever since its appearance it has stayed impressively shy. But in a scandal in 2940, Josef Parris: a middle grade member of the organization was outed in the media. In response about their intentions his only statement was “the Kepler Initiative is a scalpel that cuts to preserve sentient life as a whole.” Josef was a well-known executive with deep pockets and an active mining business but after his short appearance on the spectrum he disappeared. Some say he was assassinated, but more credible sources claim he has gone into hiding. His business empire lives on and still, many questions are unanswered regarding this ever-shifting organization. The Kepler Initiative.


Kepler Initiative:
Meanings and history of the name Kepler:
(May 2010) Kepler Meaning: one who made either cloaks or hats; one who habitually wore a distinctive cloak or hat.

Famous real-life people named Kepler:
Johannes Kepler, a 17th-century astronomer, noted for his laws of planetary motion.

Non conclusive: Suggestions say that they are an organisation using unorthodox means for the sustainability of what they define as sentient life. They have been noted as carrying out deep space military strikes often venturing out in small numbers way behind enemy lines and they are therefore best known for high risk infiltration and assassination. There exist photo evidence on the spectrum that show military outfitter members of this organisation working in collaboration with everyone from the UEE to the Xi’An and often with small villages on fringe world prone to Vanduul attack or otherwise general military harassment from any civilization, even on occasion in battle against UEE soldiers. Investigations were never brought about and you would be risking police investigation by downloading or above mentioned images.


To whomever it may concern.
We will advice you and other members of the group to be helpful and supportive of each other. In so doing we hope to form a powerful bond with our members that no doubt will benefit all parties involved and lead to produce a highly effective force in the universe. We reserve the right to kick any member that seek to produce a socially hazardous environment for other contributors of the organisation.

Come chat with us: (Kepler Initiative: Discord Server)”:

Mind over matter.
Consciousness over all.
Sentience must be sustained whatever the cost.
Get in and then get out and do so with minimal amount of drama.

Thank you for your time. Kepler out.