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Crimson Permanent Assurance Limited / CPA

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Here at the CPA we like to chart & explore the funds offshore, and skirt the shores of bankruptcy. It can be very manly in insurance, and we’ll only up your premiums semi-annually. It’s all tax deductible and we’re fairly incorruptible, sailing on the wide accountancy.


In the bleak days of 2383, as the galaxy languished in the doldrums of a ruinous monetarist policy, the good loyal men and women of the Permanent Assurance Company, a once proud family firm, had recently fallen on hard times, strained under the yoke of their oppressive corporate management. Late in that year, the professional middle working proletariat class accountants, underwriters, brokers, and actuaries, threw off their yoke of corporate oppression. Then, the fine men and women of the newly formed Crimson Permanent Assurance, Ltd work diligently in facilitating financial transactions, crafting insurance policies, and creating actuarial tables of all the galaxy’s illicit business, no matter the form. And so, heartened by their initial success, the desperate and reasonably violent men and women of the Permanent Assurance battled on, until as the suns majestically went super nova, the outstanding returns on their bold business ventures became apparent. Once proud pubbie financial giants, and the burning hulks of their ships, lay in ruins, their assets stripped, their policies in tatters. Once victorious, the proud, battle scarred men and women of the Crimson were handsomely bought out by FLJK Enterprises, and they now provide galaxy-class insurance and accounting solutions in style.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


The Crimson Permanent Assurance, Ltd. is the galaxy’s premier insurance brokerage, underwriting, accounting, and actuarial firm, with offices on more than 20 planets. We offer galaxy-wide insurance, reinsurance, risk management, and actuarial job opportunities that will empower your career and expose you to new cultures.

While we value the diversity of any J4G’s who apply, as a wholly owned subsidiary of FLJK Goonrathi Enterprises, Ltd., we insist that our associates have developed some experience on our proprietary SA Forums. If you feel you have what it takes to perform in the dynamic, fast-paced environment at CPA, please link you SA profile page with your application.