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Greatness is within your grasp, you must only reach out and take it.


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What does it mean to be a Citizen? Is it the past honors of military service? Is it the recognition of the state, earned through sacrifice? Is it the new found freedom? Ahh yes the freedom… that is what everyone yearns for, why people will lay down their lives for the UEE. Many will tell you that it is the end goal after hardship of service.

We at cReddit Interstellar Directorate believe being a Citizen is something more.

Citizenship is a calling; it is a trumpet in the darkness and a klaxon to wake us from our slumber. It is a call to arms in the ever expanding wars of knowledge, passions, and human sovereignty. We believe Citizenship is just the first step on a journey that will take you beyond the bounds of what you ever dreamed possible for yourself. Citizenship will take you to the outermost reaching stars, deep into the entrenchments of understanding, and high onto the pinnacles of self-actualization. cReddit Interstellar Directorate is here to help you achieve those goals.


We temper ourselves on four basic pillars: Ambition, Ability, Power and People.

  • Ambition

The drive to become better, to push yourself to limits not yet attained. Those with Ambition strive to be more than they were yesterday. This is the driving force that will help you transcend the boundaries that have been set in place. Having Ambition, nothing is beyond your grasp.

  • Ability

A confidence in action and execution. Ability defines a person who knows his journey; one who is able to see the road and knows the twists and turns to get to his destination. He is adept in what he strives to accomplish and does it with finesse and efficiency. With Ability, your goals are not only a possibility, but an inevitability.

  • Power

The conviction of purpose. Power is the tools you wield to achieve your goals. It is the hammer as well as the anvil. It is the reason, the idea, the need and the want. It is all these things and the vigor to achieve them. Using Power, you forge your destiny and bring barriers to their knees.

  • People

You. You are the cornerstone, the foundation, the anchor and the pillar. Without you and people like you, the world is lost into abstraction and darkness. Each person is a cog in the expanding zeitgeist of human ambition, ability and power. Through People, we move mountains, venture into the unknown, and make the galaxy turn.


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!