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Roberts Space Industries ®


  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Freelancing
  • Smuggling

We Do Jobs! No Questions Asked!!

We also offer complementary Quality Assurance & Quality Control services for any bulk shipment: illegal or legal weapons, illegal or legal narcotics / stims, strippers, slaves…errr…no wait…Volunteer Work Force.


We don’t want the largest fleet or the most members or the biggest gaming community. We are friends, which in turn becomes a family for Star Citizen.


Our main goal is profit and whatever it takes for more profit. We may not have the biggest fleet, control the most jump points or have the biggest ship/base but our Organization bank account will be flush.

We Will Be Admired! We Will Be Respected! We Will Be Feared!!

We mainly see The CREW as logistics providers for the grey & black market. Freelancing, smuggling, piracy, we are independent contractors for hire to do whatever. The pirates need their weapons & rum and the UEE citizen junkies need their stims, we can provide to both. We will do jobs, no questions asked.


If The CREW ‘ever’ has to write a “Charter” then we have failed. Fuck all that!