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Crypteian State Syndicate / CRYPTEIAN

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Infiltration
  • Freelancing

The Crypteian State Syndicate is a conglomerate of professionals spanning the breadth of every discipline. We are the watchers, the conductors & the orchestrators of grand designs. There is no government we shan’t touch. No path we are wont to explore, as our cause propagates throughout the Verse.


Welcome Citizen!

We are more than happy to welcome new enthusiastic players into the verse and guide you through the game as it develops. The #1 goal of the Crypteian State Syndicate (CSS) is to have fun with the game in its entirety & without limitation beyond our own imaginations. We are hardcore about the game and its development but casual about role playing. In the context of this org, the definition of a syndicate is “a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote a common interest.” Please keep this in mind as you read through the subsequent role-playing lore of the CSS. Welcome to the verse Citizen! Enjoy! O7

Feel free to join our discord server (more people are on discord than here) by Clicking Here

Special Divisions & Subsidiaries:

The following divisions & subsidiaries are groups within the org specializing in each of Star Citizen’s career paths.

⁃ LedEx: Asset acquisition & brokerage. LedEx is known to procure otherwise unobtainable articles of interest for its clients. This can be anything from legitimate salvage, weapons, armors, even ships, to seemingly unobtainable government assets. Ledex It is both a legitimate trade broker & black market fencing service. Will operate on both sides of the law but always within the charter of the Crypteian State Syndicate.

Gameplay — Asset Procurement & liquidation, person to person sales.
Legality — Mixed
Preferred Ships — Any. Usually anonymous civilian ships with escorts.

⁃ Operational Detachment Iota Nu (ODIN): Ground based direct action team. Founded by retired veterans of the 6th platoon Phantoms special operations group. Conducts high risk cqc raids, hostage & CSS member rescue operations, VIP transport, Bounty retrieval, search and rescue operations & Star Marine training ops. Operates within the confines of local laws as well as CSS laws. Assists UEE Naval forces, Civilian Defense Forces, and local security forces such as Northrock Service Group or Eckhart Security whenever applicable. Works heavily in conjunction with Miles’s Myrmidons. ODIN enforces CSS law where applicable so long as it stays in accordance with UEE laws; anything beyond falls into the jurisdiction of the CSS Law Council and IDOL.

Gameplay — Spec Ops, Military / Naval, Security
Legality — Strictly Lawful
Preferred Ships — Heavy Fighters, Dropships, Gunships, Ground Assault Vehicles

⁃ Incursion Detachment Omega Lambda (IDOL): A discrete yet unrelentingly ruthless direct action team. Specializes in long range marksmanship, hacking, disruption, assassination, asset interdiction and acquisition. The team is held in high repute with Hurston Dynamics & Security as well as certain allied elements of the Otoni Syndicate. IDOL is rumored to be the black bag operatives and enforcers responsible for hunting down and permanently “wiping” former CSS members that have reportedly betrayed the CSS or murdered fellow members. They are the executioner’s axe when all other attempts at upholding CSS law are deemed insufficient. The team takes on special assignments directly from the CSS Law Council & the Polemarch himself when a situation demands discretion. Operatives are extremely secretive & never divulge their own or team’s membership to IDOL even within the greater CSS. They work from within many other divisions & subsidiaries, only acting for IDOL when activated by the Council or Polemarch. IDOL operatives may anonymously accept org bounties on enemies of the CSS that have standing kill orders. They operate free of the confines of local or UEE laws but within those of the Crypteian State Syndicate.

Gameplay — Black Ops, Assassination, Enforcement
Legality — Mixed
Preferred Ships — Stealth Dropships (Prowler,) Stealth Fighters (Sabre, Talon, Eclipse,) Low Signature Civilian Ships

– Colton’s Codgers: Colton’s Codgers started as a small band of cigar chomping pessimists that were responsible for repairing and refueling the beat up wrecks that “Old Man” Steve Colton would bring back to the fleet on an increasingly regular basis. After their service with Squadron 42 and 5th fleet, Colton’s Codgers found work within the Crypteian State Syndicate as professional engineers, repair crews, and refueling service-folk. Now their numbers have expanded to run small fleets of Crucibles, Starfarers, Vulcans and SRVs which support CSS and allied operations throughout the verse. Works in unison with TraumX during emergency rescue operations. Operates within the confines of applicable UEE and local laws.

Gameplay — Repair, Refueling, Support
Legality — Lawful
Preferred Ships — Crucible, Vulcan, SRV, Starfarer, Cutlass Black, Support & Repair Ships

⁃ Glückauf Interstellar: Large scale mining and refining subsidiary of the CSS. Glückauf Interstellar operates a fleet of mining, transport and protective services. Expeditions are centered around a single Orion miner/refiner with supplemental Mole & Prospectors, Hull series ships or a single base Kraken for transportation of goods and support, as well as various compliments of defensive and supporting craft. Operates within the confines of applicable UEE and local laws.

Gameplay — Mining
Legality — Lawful
Preferred Ships — Orion, Mole, Prospector, Hull A-E, Caterpillar, Freelancers, Kraken, Support Ships

– The Charon Initiative: A subsidiary of the CSS focused on both legitimate and illegitimate salvage operations. The team runs a small fleet of Reclaimers & Vultures to guide the souls of lost & damned ships to scrapyards where they can be repurposed or reborn. The Charon Initiative works heavily in conjunction with other divisions that specialize in data collection, scouting, search & rescue, and even search & destroy teams. They have a reputation, though thus far unproven, for selling salvage back to the unwitting original owners after having been hit by pirates that they may or may not have been associated with.

Gameplay — Salvage
Legality — Lawful / Questionable
Preferred Ships — Reclaimer, Vulture, Cutlass Black, Herald

– Eta Gnosis 80 (EG80): A special division of the CSS that is dedicated to the collection and brokerage of data. EG80 information analysts scout out new systems in conjunction with Coeus’s Horizon to survey planets, asteroids, moons and battlefield wreckages for anything useful to the org or to sell on spectrum. Many EG80 members are former employees of firms such as Lortell Computing, and have a thorough understanding of cryptokeys and their uses. Eta Gnosis 80 contracts with FTL Courier Service out of the Castra system, and occasionally works with ODIN, IDOL & LedEx to succesfully extract valuable data from hostile environments. Like Hermes himself, their Mercury Star Runners bring the souls of lost ships to Charon before they can be ferried to the underworld for salvage. EG80 operates predominantly within the confines of local law but is no stranger to straddling the line when the stakes are high enough.

Gameplay — Hacking, Recon, Electronic Warfare, Data Extrication & Brokerage
Legality — Lawful / Questionable
Preferred Ships — Mercury Star Runner, Herald, Vanguard Sentinel, Razor

– Coeus’s Horizon: The Exploration, Research, Development and Agricultural division of the CSS. Coeus’s Horizon operates out of several Endeavor class science and habitation vessels along with various exploration ships such the Carrack & Odyssey. Their intrigue with & study of new systems or anomalies is only matched by their enthusiasm for new growth. They are responsible for the successful seeding of CSS colonies on new worlds and work closely with Hestian Offworld Development Pioneers during the construction and development phase. Coeus’s Horizon members also frequently contract with Rayari Inc., conduct research for BiotiCorp, as well as utilize Eta Gnosis 80 to transport and broker data from their discoveries. Operates within the law but some members have been known to grow and/or synthesize vices such as WiDow or Revenant Tree Pollen which are illegal in many systems. These…more enterprising members are oft rumored to have ties with the Blue Bilva Boys racing team and even DRED in some cases.

Gameplay — Science, Exploration, Survey, R&D
Legality — Lawful / Questionable
Preferred Ships — Endeavor, Reliant Sen, Odyssey, Carrack, Terrapin, Freelancer DUR, Support & Survey Ships

– TraumX: TraumX is the lifeline for all CSS Spartiates. They are the search & rescue, search and recovery as well as medical staff which man Endeavor Hope Class hospitals. Whether your ship runs out of gas and you’re starving or you break your legs in a cave, a TraumX team member will do everything within their power to keep you alive. Works in conjunction with Colton’s Codgers, Coeus’s Horizon & Apollo’s Chariot. Operates within both local & CSS law.

Gameplay — Medical, Rescue Ops
Legality — Lawful
Preferred Ships — Cutlass Red, Apollo, Endeavor Hope, Starfarer, Redeemer

– Caduceus Teams (CTs): Caduceus Teams are the elite groups of highly trained medical / security personnel activated & deployed by TraumX for rescue operations. CTs works in unison with Apollo’s Chariot & ODIN to protect, transport, resuscitate or rescue principle VIPs and VVIPs. They can operate in person as heavily armed medic attachments to ground ops or undercover bodyguards. CTs often operate Apollo variant medical ships in conjunction with Apollo’s Chariot transportation vessels as backup emergency medical facilities. Operates strictly within the law and vets its staff thoroughly to maintain their reputation.

Gameplay — FPS Medical, FPS Combat, VIP Escort
Legality — Lawful
Preferred Ships — Heavy Fighters, Heavy Dropships, Heavy Gunships, Apollo Medivac

– Caduceus Team Delta (CTD): Caduceus Team Delta is the black ops ground combat division of medical rescue. Often attached to ODIN, IDOL & LedEx, they are as much fierce warriors as they are talented surgeons. Activated when operating on both sides of the law is required.

Gameplay — FPS Medical, Black Ops
Legality — Mixed
Preferred Ships — Mixed

– Hestian Offworld Development (HOD): Hestian Offworld Development runs a small fleet of Pioneers and are responsible for the construction of new CSS colonial outposts. They also contract out their services to other orgs and citizens of the UEE. Operates strictly within the confines of applicable laws.

Gameplay — Construction
Legality — Lawful
Preferred Ships — Pioneer, Support Ships

– Miles’s Myrmidons: Founded by veteran UEE naval officer and ex bounty hunter Alexander Miles, Miles’s Myrmidons continue his legacy by adhering to traditional concepts of honor, integrity and valor within the CSS. Most Myrmidons are former 5th fleet UEE naval service men and women that continue to serve the verse as professional investigators, bounty hunters, security and law enforcement forces. Often the Myrmidons will work in conjunction with all other law abiding divisions of the CSS as security escorts and support. Operates strictly within the confines of all local laws.

Gameplay — Space Combat, Bounty Hunting, Military / Naval
Legality — Lawful
Preferred Ships — Avenger Stalker, Hawk, Cutlass Blue, Polaris, Fighters, Gunships

– Blue Bilva Boys: What started out as a joke referring to one’s inferior computing power, became a badge of honor with the Blue Bilva Boys race team when their custom home built Herald not only completed, but won the Murray Cup in 2948. They have since adopted and customized various engines for the M50, Razor & 300 series of ships. In keeping with the Murray Cup’s questionable origins, several members of the Blue Bilva Boys have been known to put their piloting skills to other, less reputable uses such as the running of vices between systems. Most notably was the successful running of 114 SCUs of Radegast from Mars in the Sol system all the way to Port Olisar in Stanton. Now these black veined adreno-junkies can be seen racing Luca Brunt’s circuits around Grim Hex in the Stanton system or even in death races through more treacherous parts of the Pyro system.

Gameplay — Racing, Smuggling
Legality — Lawful / Questionable
Preferred Ships — M50, Razor, Herald, 315p, 350r, Liberator, Hercules, Mercury Star Runner

DRED: Cris, a former disgruntled employee of RSI, fell from polite society after losing his job, home and marriage to a struggling UEE economy. He found his way into less savory parts of the verse, making friends and taking jobs within fringe societies and outlaw groups such as the Nine Tails and even earning favor within the Otoni Syndicate. In the early years, his crew facetiously referred to him as “The Dread Pirate Cris,” the former office employee turned pirate. His cut-throat tactics and ruthless efficiency however, quickly relieved him of that name. He understood that too many bodies was bad for business and that if all the traders were dead, they’d be out of a profession themselves. Even so, he had a habit of occasionally killing one single insured crewmember of captured ships as a sort of calling card. Though “mostly” harmless due to modern imprinting technology, this habit created an anxious expectation amongst his victims fearing traumatic response echoes and earning him a notoriety befitting simply of DRED. Today, DRED members now find employment within the Crypteian State Syndicate as informants within all major outlaw groups and fringe societies as well as procurers of illicit goods fore inter-org commerce. Nothing outside of the law is beyond their means as they frequently pirate trade, security and even naval convoys. DRED crews still occasionally kill one insured crewmember of captured ships as a calling card and reminder of what will happen if they are pursued or resisted. Particularly efficient DRED members are occasionally handpicked by the Polemarch himself to become IDOL operatives when access to the less savory sides of the verse is required. DRED crews are self-regulating, self-enforcing and are expected to operate independently within the confines of CSS law. There are no rabid dogs here, only professionals of a different breed.

Gameplay — Criminal
Preferred Ships — Miscellaneous

– Apollo’s Chariot: A subsidiary division of CSS, Apollo’s Chariot has made a name for itself as the premiere interplanetary and intersystem transport service. Their capabilities range from small taxi services for individuals to large transport Starliners and the secure moving of possessions should citizens require a change of station. Apollo’s Chariot partners with Meridian Transit on Crusader as well as IncrediFun Adventures out of Microtech in the Stanton system. Apollo’s Chariot additionally boasts a fleet of luxury touring ships and offers executive principle protection details complete with their own elite VIP trauma team from TraumX. Operates strictly within the law to maintain and preserve their stalwart reputation.

Gameplay — Transport, Luxury, Touring
Legality — Lawful
Preferred Ships — Genesis Starliner, 400i, 600i, 890J, Constellation Phoenix, Liberator, Transports

– Magellan Economics Incorporated (MEI): A large subsidiary of CSS, MEI is the economic backbone of the syndicate. MEI employees possess a masterful knowledge of inter-system economics, the quantum trade system, and cargo delivery routes. They maintain affinity and high reputations with companies like Shubin Interstellar, Covalex Shipping and the like. Operates strictly within the confines of applicable laws.

Gameplay — Trade, Cargo
Legality — Lawful
Preferred Ships — Hull A-E, Hercules, Caterpillar, Freighters

Current CSS Fleet Composition & Assets:

The following lists the total combined fleet composition of the CSS. Want to add your ship/s to the fleet?
Click “Join Us Now” at the top of the page and message the Polemarch or an Enomotarch with your fleet composition or add them to our discord fleet-bot.

x1 – Aegis Avenger Warlock
x3 – Aegis Gladius
x3 – Aegis Hammerhead
x5 – Aegis Reclaimer
x7 – Aegis Redeemer
x2 – Aegis Retaliator
x1 – Aegis Sabre Raven
x1 – Aegis Vanguard Warden
x2 – Aegis Vanguard Sentinel
x2 – Aegis Vulcan
x5 – Anvil Arrow
x3 – Anvil Carrack Expedition
x5 – Anvil Crucible
x2 – Anvil F8C Lightning
x1 – Anvil F8C Lightning Executive Edition
x1 – Anvil Ballista
x1 – Anvil Liberator
x2 – Anvil Spartan
x1 – Argo MPUV Cargo
x5 – Argo Mole
x1 – Argo Raft
x1 – Banu Defender
x5 – Banu Merchantman
x13 – Consolidated Outland Hoverquad
x5 – Consolidated Outland Mustang Alpha
x7 – Consolidated Outland Nomad
x2 – Crusader A2 Hercules
x2 – Crusader Ares Inferno
x1 – Crusader Ares Ion
x3 – Crusader Genesis Starliner
x5 – Crusader Mercury Star Runner
x1 – Drake Caterpillar Pirate Edition
x1 – Drake Corsair
x5 – Drake Cutlass Black
x3 – Drake Cutlass Red
x5 – Drake Dragonfly
x2 – Drake Kraken Privateer
x5 – Drake Vulture
x2 – Gatac Railen
x2 – Kruger P-72 Archimedes Emerald
x5 – MISC Endeavor
x5 – MISC Expanse
x3 – MISC Freelancer
x3 – MISC Freelancer DUR
x6 – MISC Hull C
x1 – MISC Hull E
x7 – MISC Prospector
x1 – MISC Odyssey
x3 – Origin 100i
x1 – Origin 125a
x3 – Origin 325a
x5 – Origin 400i
x3 – Origin 600i Exploration
x1 – Origin 600i Touring
x2 – Origin 890 Jump
x7 – RSI Aurora MR
x3 – RSI Apollo Medivac
x1 – RSI Apollo Triage
x7 – RSI Constellation Andromeda
x2 – RSI Constellation Phoenix
x1 – RSI Constellation Phoenix Emerald
x1 – RSI Mantis
x2 – RSI Orion
x2 – RSI Perseus
x5 – RSI Polaris
x5 – RSI Scorpius


Mission / Goals:

⁃ Establish deeply entrenched influence and control of all sectors of the economy to fund and orchestrate large scale inter-org operations.
⁃ Establish footholds within each major planetary system
⁃ The eventual acquisition of Bengal and Pegasus class super-carriers through capture, salvage and /or construction, as well as other flagships to expand and preserve influence within select strategic systems
⁃ The recruitment of additional professionals to lead, join or otherwise operate within CSS subsidiary divisions for each major profession, career or sector and to guide new players through the game
⁃ The training of such new players to screen for potential candidates that can be entrusted with higher levels of responsibility to assert and pursue org goals
⁃ Seek to establish and secure a historical presence within the living Star Citizen lore as canon

Organization, Structure and Responsibilities:

All CSS members will be privy to additional information about the organization, structure and mission as they increase in rank.
As CSS members rise in rank, so too will their stake & holdings within the overall org.


⁃ Polemarch: Lædan & Founder

Coordinates with the Strategos and Enomotarchs to drive the Crypteian State Syndicate towards its goals and to develop, create and implement large scale operations for its members. Engages with new recruits, creates promotional materials etc. Bridges gaps, forges alliances & coordinates large scale staged events with other orgs.

⁃ Strategos: Strategic Commander

Assists the Polemarch in coordinating large scale operations or events with Enomotarchs and their subordinates. Forges alliances and subverts rivals.

⁃ Comm Officers:

Comm officers are responsible for monitoring and managing all CSS communication platforms such as discord, forums etc. They will be liaisons between the Polemarch, Strategos, Enomotarchs and the rest of the org, making announcements and recruiting existing members for scheduled events, large scale coordinated operations etc. Comm Officers may also be designated to capture screenshots or footage and assist with or coordinate CSS related promotional and YouTube videos etc.

⁃ Asset Acquisition Officers:

Will scout, headhunt and otherwise seek talented assets for recruitment into the Crypteian State Syndicate. These can be dedicated players, capital ship commanders etc. with a vested interest in the Star Citizen project.

— If you’re interested in aiding in a particular role send a message to the Polemarch or an Enomotarch. —


⁃ Enomotarchs (System Commanders):

Commanders of 32 or more members, Enomotarchs are responsible for coordinating large scale operations within the org. They coordinate with Phylearchs when events are focused on specific careers etc. These members will be responsible for maintaining influence within their respective systems through social networks and data trafficking to orchestrate such operations. They will generally be in command of and responsible for one or more flagships, subsidiary divisions within their fields, furthering CSS goals and maintaining control over their designated systems and spheres of influence. Enomotarchs should have an accurate understanding of everything that goes on within the systems they are responsible for and be masters of all disciplines. Must display the prefix “CSS” in flagship name unless specified for dedicated subversive activities. Hardcore dedicated players.

⁃ Phylearchs (Leadership):

Masters of one or more disciplines within their chosen divisions. This rank will be in command of up to 12 members each within their primary careers and will orchestrate small to medium scale operations at the level of squads, flight wings and crews for their respective professions or subsidiary divisions. Phylearchs may be tasked by Enomotarchs or the Polemarch as the primary handlers within their subsidiary divisions. The Polemarch, Strategos and Enomotarchs rely on these members for accurate data, counsel and reports within their respective professions and divisions that would further CSS goals. Phylearchs are responsible for the screening of subordinates for exceptional candidates that qualify for their respective divisions, for specialized missions, or as informants, spies etc. They are responsible for passing pertinent useful data up the chain of command so that the Enomotarchs may better orchestrate large scale operations. Phylearchs may assist in the cross training of newer Spartiates and Kryptei to increase their professional acumen within select careers. May display the prefix “CSS” in ship names. Serious and Hardcore players with a mastery of Star Citizen and unquestionable loyalty to the syndicate.

⁃ Spartiates (Full Citizens):

Fully fledged citizens of the Crypteian State Syndicate that possess exceptional ability in one or more careers. They will be privy to the general goals / mission of the CSS within their respective careers and will have access to joining subsidiary divisions. They understand that subtlety is the better part of valor, that keeping CSS trade secrets, and adhering to CSS laws are paramount to success. Spartiates are the syndicate’s primary driving force forward and represent the scope of its influence. These members will be responsible for maintaining affinity within their respective professions and actively contributing to the syndicate’s goals at the level of their individual careers. Exemplary members may also be recruited by Enomotarchs as informants and influencers within rival organizations or for special assignments. Members at this rank and above may display the prefix “CSS” in their ship’s names. Serious, regular players that have a complete understanding of Star Citizen, its mechanics, and display consistent loyalty to the Crypteian State Syndicate. — Must have primary membership within the CSS as opposed to affiliation.

⁃ Kryptei (Trainees):

Members in training. The proving grounds. Kryptei are generally learning and developing their trades and influence in their respective professions. These members are being passively screened by ranking members to ascertain whether they will become assets to the syndicate at higher levels of their discipline before becoming Spartiates. Kryptei qualify as foot soldiers, team members, and wingmen but will remain ignorant of operational details beyond their immediate trade. They will have limited access to CSS divisions and no access to classified comms or higher-ranking channels. Semi-casual players that are having fun learning about the game while still participating in group operations. — May be affiliate members of the CSS.

⁃ Agoge (Initiates):

Initiates that are being screened to ascertain compatibility and dedication within the CSS and the Star Citizen project as a whole. Agoge are generally players that are new to the game or to the org and in need of guidance. Agoge may participate in group events, expeditions and unclassified operations as desired while they are being coached but will not be privy to any CSS operational details, mission specifics or goals beyond the immediate task at hand. Access to CSS divisions and channels will be highly restricted. Agoge’s are casual part time or new players just looking to have fun in their immediate tasks while learning the basics of the game. — Members of the Discord that do not need to have joined the org.


The Crypteian State Syndicate accepts all applicants into our ranks provided CSS laws are adhered to. If you’re interested in joining, send us an application with your primary interests, proficiencies (so we can assist you with learning the game, if necessary,) and if desired a list of assets (even if it’s just an Aurora) that you will be contributing to the overall CSS fleet composition. Once you have been accepted, we will invite you to our Discord and assign you to the appropriate divisions when applicable. We are all spouses, parents, employers & employees. We understand that real life must ALWAYS come first. At the end of the day, the primary goal of this org is to build a community with common interests and have FUN!


Crypteian State Syndicate


(Sometimes referred to as the Crypteian Shadow Syndicate on the outer rim and fringe worlds)


Greatness through discipline. Benevolent but ruthless. Order without border finding comfort in the chaos.
The Crypteian State Syndicate (CSS) is an all-encompassing conglomerate that seeks to establish overwhelming influence and control over every major economic theater within the verse. These sectors include but are not limited to:

commerce, trade and economy manipulation, data collection and brokerage, exploration, science, research and development, agriculture, substance synthetization development and transport, racing, mining, refining, manufacturing, construction, repair, refuel and support operations, medical, search and rescue, intersystem and interplanetary transportation, VIP protective services, bounty hunting, law enforcement and security forces, direct action ground, space and contracting forces, naval forces, governments and interspecies relations, salvage, religious groups, as well as all major established gangs, pirate and unsanctioned mercenary or revolutionary groups.

While gathering the necessary naval force to directly contest major actors such as the UEE and Xi’an governments, we must utilize masteries of our respective professions to influence and control various sectors within the verse’s economies to grow and build in might. This includes the infiltration, collaboration, and possible subterfuge of rival governments and organizations.

All Crypteian State Syndicate citizens, at the rank of Spartiate and above, may display the prefix “CSS” on their ship unless otherwise required and specified by their subsidiary division. Syndicate flagships are required to display the prefix “CSS.”

Primary Rivals & Competitors: Otoni Syndicate / Xi’an Monarchy / UEE


Guilt to be determined with sufficient evidence through the Crypteian Law Council.

- Members of the Crypteian State Syndicate shall not commit “murder” against any other member of the syndicate. Failure to adhere to this law will result in summary wipe beyond imprint regeneration, the expulsion and IDOL blacklisting of all subsequent beneficiaries from the CSS.

- Members of the Crypteian State Syndicate shall not divulge operational secrets entrusted to their rank or station to anyone outside of the syndicate or without proper clearance. Failure to adhere to this law will result in execution by IDOL up to minimum imprint viability as well as the possible expulsion and IDOL blacklisting from the CSS.

- Members of the Crypteian State Syndicate shall not steal or pirate from other members of the syndicate. Failure to adhere to this law will result in a fine in excess of 20% the value of stolen goods in addition to the return of the stolen goods to the satisfaction of the victim. Failure to do so will result in summary execution by IDOL up to minimum imprint viability and (if wiped) the expectation that subsequent beneficiaries will pay back the stolen goods with an additional to 40% to the satisfaction of the victim. Failure to adhere to this will result in summary wipe beyond imprint regeneration and the expulsion and IDOL blacklisting of all subsequent beneficiaries from the CSS.

- Ships found displaying the prefix “CSS” that are suspected of not being citizens of the Crypteian State Syndicate, are subject to investigation. If found guilty of impersonation, teams will be dispatched to confiscate or decommission the ship and its owner.

- Should CSS citizens bear witness to any of these infractions, it is their responsibility to report it up the chain of command and in the discord labeled “CSS-Law-Council.”

- Always be respectful of fellow CSS members as well as other Citizens of the greater Verse. (Even if you’re a pirate, enforcer or operative.) You never know with whom you may be speaking.

- Real life always comes first. This is meant for FUN!