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Heroes End / CSXS

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…a heroes’ life


The choice is yours…the path is your own.

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HEROES END is a small syndicate established in 2937 by a circle of misanthropes who fell out of civilized company, and into the company of one another. Their only comparable qualities are their disdain for the UEE & their desire to profit from it. Pooling together their knowledge and resources, they formed this organization to help those who share in this perspective, and are looking to make a name for themselves, or perhaps lose the one they’ve got.



*** For adults who are looking to set out and enjoy themselves in the Verse. Some of our members may wish to go solo into the void, equipped with only their ship or one of the many ships Heroes End can offer them. Others will prefer to team up with a few friends and Org. mates, and some will choose to take up a position on-board one of our capital ships in large scale group-play. You’ll fit in no matter what your play style is.

*** A place for New Players and Elite Players alike. We look forward to helping players just coming into the Star Citizen find a home in the Universe with resources and training. We also will be offering our more advanced members challenges with our various groups training in specialized professions and group-play.

*** Home to a wide variety of both legitimate and not-so legitimate professions. These professions and trades can include, but are not limited to racing, science, exploration, trading, smuggling, salvage, mining, patrol, escort and much more. Whatever opportunities the Verse offers, Heroes End will be there to help it’s members reach their goals.

*** Real World Friendly. We understand that real-life comes first. Whether you’re gone a few days, weeks or several months, you’ll always find a place back in the fleet at Heroes End.

*** Not a job. Members will choose their own level of involvement. For some, Star Citizen will be a way of life, for others it will be one game enjoyed among many. Our organization is home for both the casual and hard-core gamer.

*** Exclusive. Heroes End is selective in it’s recruiting. We hope to become large enough to have a presence in the universe but small enough so that every member matters. Although skill and knowledge are appreciated, they can both be learned with experience and training. A good attitude is the most important thing you can bring with you when joining Heroes End.

*** Inclusive. We Do Not Discriminate.

Our organization operates both inside and outside the boundaries of the law set down by the UEE. Profit, and the freedom to acquire it are among the only laws we truly adhere to. The protection, support and if need be, rescue of our own are the only others. The best interest of the Organization and it’s members supersede all.


Operating on both sides of the law can get complicated, so we encourage our members to practice more clandestine business tactics, rather then outright marauding. When financially feasible, we like to stay under the UEE radar in hopes that our actions leave as little an imprint as possible. We would like to create an organization were all our members can grow financially, by whatever manner they see fit, and so we hope to maintain a certain legal status within the UEE.

Heroes End is an organization developed to help those starting out, or starting over. We are a syndicate in the sense that we will provide our members with the resources they’ll need to set out on their own, or with other members. As they grow and advance, so in turn will our organization. When you set out into ‘verse, you will develope knowledge, skill and wealth, & we hope you will return and share this with your fellow members and help others advance.

Heroes End doesn’t place it’s members above an illegal vocation. They can remain law-abiding citizens, or they may find themselves transporting questionable cargo, blocking transmissions, or other things of a dubios nature. We’ll help you develop in whatever path you choose. We do dissaprove of piracy however, and outright forbid the killing of hostages, survivors or evacuees. There is a fine line that can’t be crossed while hiding in the shadows of the UEE. The notoriety of one member effects the reputation of us all.

*** All surrendering parties or combatants during hostile engagements and/or operations shall be afforded full quarter as permitted per situation and circumstance.

*** Heroes’ members as well as affiliates of member shall not attack, fire upon, or capture for personal profit any fellow members. Neither deception nor disloyalty among members will be tolerated.

*** No type of discrimination of any Form between Members and/or Third Parties.

*** No Forms of cheating or exploitation while engaging in ‘Verse activities.

*** Adult language is allowed, however we do not tolerate direct harassment of members in or out side the Org. We are all adults here let’s act like it.

*** 18+