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Roberts Space Industries ®

Contact Zero / CZ0

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Infiltration
  • Security

Welcome to c.Z

A haven for the wanted and greedy.

We can provide services including:

- Security
- Smuggling
- Bounty Hunters
- Guns For Hire
- Exploration
- Industrial / Trading


Our motto:
By strength by guile.

Contact Zero was first founded on 7 January 2016

The company was started on a game called ArmA as a small PMC group running mission nights and playing a number of tactical games.

We are focused on building a friendly global multi-gaming community, allowing our players to choose and form divisions within different games, representing Contact Zero.

Our members are made up from casual to professional gamers, all with the intention of having a good time and helping the community expand.

Whilst we play many games for the fun of it, we offer community members to form their own division within a game.

Upon joining Contact Zero you will have the option to choose your role, be it within our Milsim division, or attempting to lead your own group within a game of your choice.

RP Backstory:

founded on 7th January 2016

The organization was started in the dark corners of Grim Hex as a small team was put together for odd jobs here and there mostly for cargo runs and few smuggling jobs thrown in with a few hired hits the group was comprised of small number ex UEE guys who were left out to dry after BATTLE OF VEGA II after sticking around each other and learning who has what skills the group decided to form up and start to go down their own path as an official PMC company and so Contact Zero was born and since the dark days of the Grim hex saloons the company now own a small office on the planet ArcCorp (Stanton III) where they operate out of for work and can be hired for a small fee offering some of the best services in the sector and provide work for anyone willing to give their hands a try in security and combat.

RP Role:

The organization has a multi-role crew offering work in areas such as logistics – cargo + support teams and them our main force offer defensive & offensive contract work while we also have our own reconnaissance team that aims to provide members with the best intel possible to aid in all roles giving them everything they need to succeed in goals of the company.

For most of the time, we are a legitimate Company but from time to time we do dabble in some small illegal immigration or Drugs/Arms trafficking. C.z works in small team’s and forms convoys or works in teams of two for their security of the company.


Contact Zero’s mission statement:
To provide forces needed to ensure the protection of Contact Zero’s objectives.

Our motto:
By strength by guile.

Some of the Contact Zero different focus areas for our community;

- Star Citizen
- Armed Assault
- Rainbow Six Seige
- Anything else!

Of course, you can also join Contact Zero as a casual member and just enjoy the community and gaming with friends.

We offer members of the community;

- Dedicated Servers
- Discord
- Forums

You can help direct the community, voice your views on what games you would like us to focus on with dedicated servers.

Why Join Contact Zero?


Contact Zero has a massive focused on most of the aspects of gameplay that players can find in Star Citizen. If you are into making money for wealth or power where there is money to be made then that is C.z, Maybe you want to join a team and hunt down a hardcore pirate gang for glory and bragging right? then that is C.z, Perhaps you wish to trade goods or even transport manufacture consumables then that is C.z, Want to be the first to explore the galaxy then that is C.z, Here at Contact zero, we strive to make this game most enjoyable for everyone who joins in at C.z and the Star Citizen as a whole. So what is it you want if you want it all then that is C.z!

Membership Requirements
· Must have and use Discord; headset strongly recommended
· Must be mature
· Must not cause drama
· Must be loyal to Contact Zero however you may be a part of any other organization however, you will carry now rank or be given special items or privileges in the org.

Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in expulsion.



Our Role:
Working as an elite organized unit to demonstrate we are not a force to be reckoned with. We have specialist detachments that provide logistics, area reconnaissance; Offensive action and immediate response military counter measures. We do not look for fights but we will happily end them.

Recruitment Policy:

Players who apply to Contact Zero understand that they will be subject to the following:

  • Interview
  • Employment histories (and certificates of termination).
  • CZ0’s Training Program

Member Affiliation:

CZ0 members may register membership with other organizations as affiliates as they see fit. Networking is allowed and encouraged.
Players looking to affiliate with CZ0 may only do so for three reasons:

  • The 30 Day Membership Trial period.
  • Client affiliation for ease of tracking.
  • Members who own orgs for when they play with their friends.