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    Bounty Hunting
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting

Let’s get this out of the way … I don’t care. I don’t care what they did to you. I don’t care if they killed your puppy. Really, I don’t give a crap.

What do I care about? Completing my contracts and credits. It’s a hard universe and somebody has to pay.


Who’s asking?

OK. OK. I don’t talk about these things publicly. I’m the sort of … business man … that keeps things off the books.

~ Deviant-1


I like things simple:

  • We come to an agreement: Target and payout.
  • I complete said agreement and get paid. Let me stress the ‘PAID’ part.
  • How I accomplish resolution to our contract is none of your frakkin’ business.

You. Don’t. Ever. Want. To. Not. Pay. Now, those are words to live by ….

~ Deviant-1


Respect is earned.

Always, ALWAYS complete your contract.
Make sure you get paid. I don’t care what you do to ensure payment. Period.

D0A operates outside politics, factions, and the law. We are 100% neutral and independent. We are professional, have no enemies, cause no strife outside of our contracts. We don’t care who we work for … all that matters is the contract.

The Bounty Hunting life is not easy. Hangin’ with your crew is your one safe house.

  1. Don’t be an ass to your crew.
  2. Be fair regarding compensation. Agree before the mark goes down on who gets what.
  3. I am not overly concerned on how we are perceived outside of D0A. As long as you complete your contract and get paid.
  4. Have fun. There is a fine line between playing your role and being an Ass-Hat. Follow CIG’s ToS and don’t be an Ass-Hat.


Organizational Ranks:

1. Boss. I hope this is self explanatory. If it isn’t …. there’s the door.
2. Crew Lead. You’ve earned the right to lead a crew.
3. Enforcer. You’ve ensured payment from an unwilling client.
4. Bloodied Hunter. You’ve killed a mark. You have blood on your hands.
5. Hunter. You’ve successfully completed multiple contracts and have been paid.
6. Merc. You’re for hire. You have no proven history with D0A.

We are affiliated with The Bounty Hunter’s Guild. If you would like access to their network and content please join them at: .

RECRUITMENT: This is not intended to be a big organization. Think small crew to help each other with difficult jobs.

Ideal members will be:
1. 25+ with real lives and careers.
2. Self sufficient.
3. Late night play times. Ie. I play around 9 pm to 12 am EST.
4. Moderate weekend play. Depends on RL obligations. Best time to have organized hunts.
5. NOT afraid of PvP or RP.
6. RP in-game. OOC on 3rd party chat.

This is a CASUAL organization.

There is no limit on membership. Eventually I expect people to create their own crews and the organization will grow organically. I’m not a fan of ‘anybody gets in’ sort of place. Too much drama that way. If you start your own crew, then you need to take ownership of them. They are your responsibility. *Remember, take care of your crew!