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The Devil’s Dozen
Combat Specialists
A Force Unto Themselves


The Devil’s Dozen inherited their name from the UEE. An admiral by the name of William Carter on routine patrol on the edge of Vanduul space encountered a large Vanduul raiding party about to encroach into UEE territory. Moments before giving the order to engage, Carter witnessed a small group of twelve ships ambush the Vanduul despite the Vanduul force being over three times the size of the fleet attacking them. These unknown pilots attacked with such ferocity that even the warmongering Vanduul were hapless in the face of the onslaught. The Vanduul fleet was thrown into disarray as the detachment ploughed into their midst. Within minutes the engagement was over. The Vanduul fleet had been completely destroyed, whilst the newcomers hadn’t taken a single casualty. Then as quickly as they had appeared, this mystery fleet simply dissipated back into the endless darkness of the void.

Carter later referred to the mystery fleet in his report as ‘A dozen ships, whose pilots fought as if possessed by the devil himself’. This title, ‘The Devil’s Dozen’, soon became an urban legend and eventually reached the ears of the original warriors to whom it referred. As a small brotherhood of combat specialists they took the name as a point of pride, and made it their official name. And thus the legacy of the Devil’s Dozen was born; the PMC that answers to none.


The Devil’s Dozen are contractors. Consultants. Death is our business.
We are a force unto ourselves.

The Dozen pride loyalty, but have none towards those outside the group that have not earned it. The Dozen are organised freemen; they are freelancers, they are bounty hunters, they are pirates, they are pirate hunters, they are mercenaries. Among the Dozen there is no good and there is no evil, there is only battle, and where battle calls the Dozen will answer. The Dozen ally with no major power, and never back down from a fight.

The Dozen also place immeasurable value upon freedom. Members of the Dozen are free to do as they please, and to undertake any activities they see fit, knowing that at all times they can call upon their fellows for assistance or support. The Dozen are a company that value freelancing and initiative extremely highly, and bar during official operations, each member of the Dozen may operate as an individual unit.

Brothers and Sisters of the Devil’s Dozen are bound by sacred blood. Blood of those who fought before, and those who will fight after. Direct combat roles are the primary initiative of the Dozen, however pioneering and logistical detachments also operate throughout the fringes of space.

Propagation of strength and affirmation of the legacy are the prime directive.

Contracting the power of The Dozen is a heavy focus. We will take care of anybody you want erased. Anything you want protected. Acquire anything you want that you don’t already have. However, we are not janitors. Financial payments, Assets or services are all acceptable tender.

Contacting senior officers is the only way to initiate drafting of contracts.
We do not fail. We do not surrender.

We are professional contractors: If we accept a contract, the future is as certain as the past.

The Devil’s Dozen is sometimes perceived as an organisation of battle-hardened misfits that roam the galaxy looking for a challenge, but during an operation, their status as an elite paramilitary organisation is revealed. They utilise a complex command structure that allows the company to act anywhere, any time, and with ruthless, deadly efficiency.

High command:
Consisting of the most senior officers, obtaining either 5-star or 4-star ranks. The Fleet Commanders and Commodores respectively are the men and women responsible for all members of The Dozen. They ensure the direction of the company is always positive, its legacy and reputation always secured, and demonstrate the highest level of tactical command on the operational field of battle. On acceptance of a contract, it will be a Fleet Commander or a Commodore that is personally responsible for the planning and execution of the contract.

Assault Captains:
Occupy the 3-star rank, these officers represent the bulk of the command structure. Although the lowest command level rank, they possess a huge amount of responsibility. These are seasoned warriors who have demonstrated great skill and an ability command on the field of battle. Assault Captains have freedom to carry out operations planned by high command as well as undertake small scale fleet actions of their own accord. From leading a task force or strike force, to assisting in supply line management or even stepping up into acting positions in the High Command when necessary, these officers are highly capable and extremely valued.

Talon Squad:
Those few warriors that attain the honour of joining Talon Squad occupy a unique subset within the company. Although not participating in any level of command, The Talon Squad is the greatest weapon of The Devil’s Dozen. To earn their status as a Talon, these soldiers have risen above and beyond the call of duty, achieving feats all sane individuals would call impossible. These men are few and far between and represent the rarest breed of warrior. They are the fury of the Dozen, peerless warriors who, whether acting alone or as a whole squad, visit absolute destruction upon any battlefield unfortunate enough to feel their presence. To be called a Talon is the highest honour the Dozen may bestow, and Talons serve to demonstrate to all exactly how deadly The Dozen can be. Since this rank is bestowed for distinction and glory in combat, it is not a rank needed to progress through to command roles. Those who hold this unique rank command respect from all members of the company, from High Command to the newest blood. Talon members are inducted by High Command upon their witness or referral of a command line officer. Their achievements forever branded in the history of the universe.

Represent the bulk of the company. Legionnaires are proven warriors, and have demonstrated they are worthy brothers of The Devil’s Dozen, and are proud to wear the badge. Without them the company would not exist. Demonstrating impressively higher than average abilities in all aspects of combat, these legionnaires are a highly trained and disciplined force. Legionnaires who express interest and show ability to lead will be considered for command positions pending availability. Those few extraordinary elite will have their names immortalised as a member of the Talon Squad.

New Blood:
New blood are those which are newcomers to the company, those who have not yet earned their badge as a legionnaire. Through dedication, perseverance, and skill in combat they may prove themselves worthy of the rank of Legionnaire and become a fully fledged member of The Devil’s Dozen


The Devil’s Dozen’s charter is their legacy. One of courage, perseverance and progress.

  • Our debt is to ourselves and our brothers. We fight for them, as much as they fight for us.
  • Our faith is in our commanders, just as our commanders faith is in their subordinates.
  • Our freedom is absolute. Despite it’s hierarchical structure the Dozen believes in the absolute right of it’s members to act in their own interests when not called upon by the Dozen.
  • Our contracts will always benefit the company, and they will always be fulfilled. If a contract is undertaken, the contract will be completed. Failure is never an option. We are the cavalry. We are the solution.
  • Brothers are expected to put the interests of their company and their brethren first. Just as the company puts the interests of the brothers first. Any behaviour that is deemed not of the calibre of The Devils Dozen will be sanctioned by commanding officers, and resolved.

The Devil’s Dozen is a professional company. Those who are not of the nature to succeed in a company of contract killers will not last. Those who are not of that professional calibre will not last.

Those who are will never want to leave.