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Dutch Space Agency / DAGE

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Welcome to the

Dutch Space Agency

Exploration – Logistics – Mining – Salvaging – (Medical)Support – Combat

DSA is looking for collaborations with other organizations, if interested, please contact one of the CEO’s


2020 – The birth of the Dutch Space Agency. – Mid-2020, the Dutch space industry wanted to start up an agency that specializes in recruiting, contracting and deploying astronauts and space engineers. After a debate in the House of Representatives, the Dutch government decides to establish the Dutch Space Agency (DSA). DSA is therefore a later branch of NSO [].

2041 – DSA has developed into the number 1 employment agency in the world in 20 years. Due to this success, more and more countries are becoming interested in the Dutch Space Agency.

2043 – After great international pressure, the Dutch government decides to privatize the DSA. They are closing a huge (financial) deal with the ESA [], which owns 49% of the shares with which the DSA is officially a company.

2058 – The company splits into 2 divisions, The Agency (recruitment and deployment) and SpaceTech (space engineering).

2075 – First Quantum Drive completed.

2103 – Due to the enormous boost in the space industry, the Dutch Space Agency has grown into a huge success. The CEO of the DSA decides to establish an extra division (DSA Nomads) that focuses specifically on exploration.

2280 – 2295 DSA Nomads has established itself as a well-known exploration agency.
Within this timeframe, DSA has established a new division (DSA Incorprate) that focuses on trade between the different systems, and the mining of minerals and gasses.

2438 – FIRST CONTACT BANU !! – From this development, trade is taking a huge leap forward and business is booming!

2519 – DSA had to take a huge blow because of a hostile takeover by a criminal organization! Aided by the Allied organization FR17, the Agency survived, a large part of the affiliated fleets has been destroyed and the cry for safety among the members is getting louder!

2525 – Introduction of the Common Laws Initiative by Senator Nomi Rao.

2541 – During the Tevarin War, a division is developed within the DSA that specializes in securing its own companies. A number of new branches are opened across various systems.

2685 – DSA survives an attack by Vanduul Raiders on the Armitage (Orion) site.

2745 – Stor-All founded. Extensive cooperation with DSA arises in the first months. Which makes transportation easier.

2845 – Drake Interplanetary established.

2902 – DSA has placed a mega order with Drake Interplanetary for a range of cargo ships, and all-rounders, such as the Cutlass Black and Buccaneers.

2948 – Anden Arden stepped down as Interim CEO at DSA to work as CEO at Drake Interplanetary. – In order to better manage the different divisions, it was decided to appoint a group of 6 Founders (CEOs).

2949 – The founders decide to donate the Corporation DSA to the members and distribute the shares among the members. – New corporate identity and organization layout presented.


DUTCH (Nederlands)
2020 – Het onstaan van de Dutch Space Agency. – Vanuit de Nederlandse ruimtevaartindustrie is medio 2020 de wens ontstaan om een agentschap op te starten dat zich specialiseerd in het werven,contracteren en uitzenden van astronauten en space engineers. Na een debat in de tweede kamer besluit de Nederlandse regering om de Dutch Space Agency (DSA) op te richten. DSA is dus een latere aftakking van NSO [].

2041 – DSA heeft zich in 20 jaar tijd ontwikkeld tot het nummer 1 uitzendbureau van de wereld. Door dit succes raken steeds meer landen geïnteresseerd in de Dutch Space Agency.

2043 – Na grote internationale druk besluit de Nederlandse regering om de DSA te privatiseren. Ze sluiten een enorme (financiële) deal met de ESA[] die 49% van de aandelen in handen krijgt waarmee de DSA officieel een bedrijf is.

2058 – Het bedrijf splitst zich op in 2 divisies, The Agency(recruitment and deployment) en SpaceTech(space engineering).

2075 – First Quantum Drive completed.

2103 – Door de enorme boost in de ruimte industrie, groeit de Dutch Space Agency uit tot een enorm succes. De CEO van de DSA besluit om een extra divisie (DSA Nomads) op te richten die zich speciaal richt op exploratie.

2280 – 2295 DSA Nomads heeft zicht gevestigd als een bekend exploratie agentschap. – Binnen dit tijdsbestek heeft DSA een nieuwe divisie(DSA Incorprate) opgericht die zich richt op de handel tussen de verschillende stelsels, en het ontginnen van mineralen en gassen.

2438 – FIRST CONTACT BANU!! – Handel neemt vanaf deze ontwikkeling een enorme sprong voorwaarts en business is booming!

2519 – DSA heeft een enorme klap moeten incasseren vanwege een vijandige overname door een criminele organisatie! Geholpen door de Geallieerde organisatie FR17 heeft de Agency het weten te overleven, een groot deel van de aangesloten vloten is vernietigt en de schreeuw om veiligheid onder de leden wordt steeds luider!

2525 – Introductie van de Common Laws Initiative door Senator Nomi Rao.

2541 – Tijdens de Tevarin War word binnen de DSA een divisie ontwikkeld die zich specialiseert in het beveiligen van eigen ondernemingen. Een aantal nieuwe vestigingen worden geopend verspreid over verschillende stelsels.

2685 – DSA heeft een aanval overleeft door Vanduul Raiders op de vestiging op Armitage (Orion).

2745 – Stor-All opgericht. Een verregaande samenwerking met DSA ontstaat in de eerste maanden. Wat het transport vergemakkelijkt.

2845 – Drake Interplanetary opgericht.

2902 – DSA heeft een mega order geplaatst bij Drake Interplanetary voor een reeks cargo schepen, en all-rounders, zoals de Cutlass Black en Buccaneers.

2948 – Anden Arden afgetreden als Interim CEO bij DSA om als CEO bij Drake Interplanetary aan de slag te gaan. – Om de verschillende divisies beter te sturen is er besloten om een groep van 6 Founders (CEO’s) aan te wijzen.

2949 – Nieuwe huisstijl en indeling van de organisatie gepresenteerd. – De founders besluiten om de Corporation DSA aan de leden te schenken en verdelen de aandelen onder de leden.



The Dutch Space Agency promotes and supports a diverse, yet unified team. While respecting the individuality of our people, we work together as a team to meet our common goals.
This is what the Agency stands for, no special ranks, no officers, no dividing of members in trades!
The Dutch Space Agency is a conglomerate that offers a variety of trades separated in different divisions but accessable for any member.


Not very original but a very true statement;
“To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!” – Captain Jean Luc Picard.
The Agency provides the necessary tools and equipment for long and short term exploration, discovery of new elements and crew for your missions.


Our dedicated group of miners and traders are providing a steady income for our organization. They also provide a nice platform for our recruits to learn the ins and outs of the verse. They also need protection doing their job, providing work for turret gunners, security personnel and combat fighters.


Specialized in providing support during trade runs, mining missions and transport securing your precious cargo.


If the going gets tough, the tough gets going! We all stand together as one!
When the DSA is under attack, wherever and for whatever reason, we will react accordingly! Our group of members that are trained fighter pilots and very effective ground troops will provide decent protection! But if the heat is too much we will contact our alliances for back-up.


Data relaying – providing valuable intel to other companies, regarding rich mining plots, jump gates and gasclouds etc.
Smuggling – transporting unpopular and forbidden goods.
Sharing knowledge (Spectrum)


Dutch Space Agency Charter

• Have Fun.

• We only expect you to do the best that you can.
• Assist the Org and other DAGE members whenever you want.

• No drama.
• No inappropriate discussions.

• Do no harm to other members of the Organization.
• Do not start intergalactic space wars with your actions in Star Citizen or otherwise.

Our current methods are:
• Discord (Dutch)
• Spectrum (English)


  • CEO: Commanders of the Organization
  • Manager: Division manager and supportive to CEO’s
  • Officer: Giving support to crew members, taking lead in missions
  • Captain: full and respected member of the organization
  • Crew: Allround member, filling in where needed.

The DAGE organization in Star Citizen is a group of mature players that understands the life/work/game balance. There is no commitment to the organization. If you need to check out for a while we all understand the importance of that and encourage you to do so.