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The Damn Shames / DAMNSHAME

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Infiltration
  • Smuggling

Not your grandmother’s space gang. Get tough or get dead! No problem too big or too small. If it ain’t a DAMN SHAME, it’s a shame dammit!

All fees Negotiable.
Not responsible for lost stolen or broken merchandise.
Licensed and Bonded and Insured Milky Way Policy no: 1566640628-v


Loyalty – Freedom – Individuality – Pleasure

We are…an organization of individuals who refuse to bow to TYRANNY! We are the Lost Girls and Boys, and we are Robin Hoods all! We are the spirit of freedom and individuality. We are…THE DAMN SHAMES!


Our missions: To take from the RICH and SPREAD THE WEALTH! To BE who we WANT TO BE! TO NEVER SURRENDER!

Originally created to reduce tension between nomadic Martian warriors, cyclecraft clubs were founded on the principles of freedom from society’s expectations, loyalty to one’s brothers and sisters at the wheel, a fair but not even sharing of wealth, and the endless pursuit of pleasure. The Damn Shames honors its roots, its members taking those values TO THE STARS!

The founding chapter of The Damn Shames was made possible by a gracious donation from the estate of a very venerable individual, with much influence on Martian soil.

A number of other attempts to go TO THE STARS were made by clubs, organizations, and gangs…but the founding Regent was the only one with a vision strong enough to withstand external and internal forces!

Now those brothers, sisters, and siblings who support our mission and purpose run together as one pack, one family, one tribe called THE DAMN SHAMES!

The Damn Shames are a conduit for criminal enterprise and lawful escapades alike. You’ll find us in the cockpit, rain or shine!

We may not always abide by society’s laws and expectations, but we believe in the wise words of the wife of Argentocoxus (name unknown, left untreasured by history):

We fulfill the demands of nature in a much better way than do you…for we consort openly with the best, whereas you let yourselves be debauched in secret by the vilest!

Combining the skull of an Earth crow and that of a human, The Damn Shames’ skull represents those sentient beings who have taken TO THE STARS! Its fearsome expression strikes fear into the blood-pumping organs of those who come face-to-face with the skull, on the back of a Damn Shames jacket…

The crow has long been a symbol of freedom and a symbol of DEATH TO ONE’S ENEMIES! As one of the most intelligent, adaptable, and indestructible Earth species, crows were an easy choice to represent THE DAMN SHAMES.


Spacegirl… She is ATHENA IN THE STARS!

She represents wisdom, power, war, HEROISM and hedonism… She doesn’t take your SHIT! And neither do we! We will KICK YOU OUT for bullshit. The Damn Shames treat EVERY ONE OF THEIR KIND with the same RESPECT, CIVILITY, and LOYALTY, no matter who they are!

Purple is the color of Earth royalty…and the most POWERFUL color on the human spectrum!

It symbolizes power, nobility, mystery, spirituality, and creativity.

It is also the color of MOURNING, for our fallen members and for the sad SHAME that is society’s misplaced expectations!

The Damn Shames also wear black and silver, the color of PIRATES, to show our disdain for tyrannical societies.

*Join us, and wear THE DAMN SHAMES colors!


Contact our ‘Field Admiral Hnerskers if you’re interested in becoming one of The Damn Shames.

Write to our members behind bars at:
Cell Blocks X51-B through X102-L
Newchurch Ward, Menkar System
The Milky Way


WE, being the founding members of THE DAMN SHAMES, declare these seven articles to be our simple and uncontestable principles, the inalienable rights of all sentients (herein referred to as MEMBERS) upon which we base our continued existence.

I. The Damn Shames are family, and members shall protect their family, its property, and its mission at all costs.

II. All members (regardless of species, gender, sexual preference, race, or tribe) are entitled to freedom of speech, expression, justice, personal property, and religion. Members shall not be bound by any sort of law, expectation, or obligation proscribed by a society, government, military, or religious body. So fuck off.

III. The Regent always has the right of way, but members always have the right to disagree…and get in the way.

IV. Wealth and planetary holdings are the ultimate pursuit, but not worth dying for. Grab everything you can and get out alive.

V. Those who oppose The Damn Shames shall suffer a most righteous wrath. Members shall uphold this promise, or else.

VI. Those who aid, shelter, arm, or feed The Damn Shames shall receive gratitude and protection. Members shall uphold this promise, or else.

VII. Members shall not speak of or answer questions from outsiders regarding other members. Zip it.


Who’s asking?