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We operate in Darkness and our enemies can’t stop what they can’t see…..- ALPHA


Organisation Black List
Top secret: Restricted personnel only

Name: Dawnwatch
Designation: Criminal Black ops

Leader: R̴̬͔̔̀̈̑͛̆̋͋͒͂͘E̵̪͉̯͍̝͉̐̇̔̈́̍̆̚D̵̡͍̘͈̝̑̂̓̆̈́͐̏̑̉́̏̈͠͝A̷̺͙͖̮̭̞̹͓̲̓͋͊͆̐̀̈̄̈́͜͝͝C̷̡̛̣͇̼̠̙̖̣̭̑͒̎̾̋̌̂͂̃͝͝T̸̛̛̲̻̗̊́̉̎́Ë̴͍̄͂̽̕͝D̸̢̡͙͚̤̣̬́͑́̋̊̇͋̇̀͑͜

Since the destruction of Taranas II in the year (Redacted), the UEE took note of an increase in criminal activity, whilst this is expected after the questionable actions and eventual economic collapse of the system because of Ofeyen Encorperated; certain operations conducted by one particular group of pirates has been monitored by the UEE. The unknown organisation at the time was conducting hit and run tactics on what was suspected as civilian transports. According to local intelligence this group quickly gained a high criminal rating with the UEE despite the praise of the local citizens of the system, further investigation was promptly approved, to gain insight into this group.

After months of work all the investigation had accomplished was a getting a name. DAWNWATCH, this group was well known to the locals of Bethor Station on Taranis III, but no one when interviewed was willing to give information on this organisation, either out of fear for its infamous yet unidentifiable members or because they genuinely knew nothing of them or they’re work. It would only be after three years of investigation, interrogation and surveillance of the surrounding systems did we finally get a break and were able to see the group in action, our findings were far from expected.

Date: Redacted
Time: Redacted
Location: Stanton System, Aaron Halo asteroid field,

Two UEE eclipse stealth bombers were assigned to shadow escort a convoy of Star Farers carrying prototype tech to a UEE installation in the Terra system. The convoy had just exited a stable jump point from Taranas system into Stanton; no sooner had the convoy slowly navigated the Aaron asteroid belt; when they were ambushed by a pirate group hiding in the belt. However these ships and the colours that this group flew with did not match the patchy description given of the DAWNWATCH’s spacecrafts.

Both escort pilots could vividly remember certain moments in the attack. After a few minutes of engagement with the fighters there was said to be two bright flashes in close proximity of the battle, before all ships in the area lost power and were sent a drift in the belt. Being on the dark side of the part of the Aaron belt near Delemar no visual could be given on the source of the EMP’s. As one pilot had stated in his report of the mission: “Controls were dead and we were powerless to do anything, all we could do was wait and pray that we weren’t the targets of this second group’s attack. Then, one by one, we watched in awe as each pirate ship was surgically destroyed by an unknown group of ships. First the fighters then the Medium gunships. Each shot hitting its target precisely, closely followed by a black blur across our cockpits. Our ships on the other hand were left completely alone not a single stray charge came even close.” The pilot continues “Slowly our systems came back online but not quickly enough. The first pirate Gang had brought two heavily modified Constellations into the fight, these were the first to noticeably come back online. However, they didn’t have a chance to retreat or to attack. Out of nowhere two torpedoes flew past my cockpit. Each one landing on its designated Constellation target precisely. Both pirate ships were left in pieces no bigger than the tips of my ships wings. As silence ensured again we were again left waiting. That’s when we saw them…..

Three ships as dark as the nights sky gracefully drifted past our convoy, lights off and engines low; they were clearly surveying the result of they’re attack making sure nothing was left… there were….. Two Anvil Hawks and…… an Armageddon class Retaliator, most noticeable because of it being the only ship with some difference in colour. A shinny black scar running the length of the ship. After seeming to be satisfied with their work, one by one they left. The Retaliator being the last to leave after one final sweep before itself disappearing. To this day I do not know why they didn’t help themselves to the cargo or even why they would help us in the first place…”

- Daniel J Adams, 12th Stealth squadron, UEE Navy

Both the second pilot and the captains of the two Starfarerd can confirm that out of the three ships not one displayed any hostile intentions toward the convoy, all left shortly after the destruction of the pirate ships and could not be tracked at all across the system of Stanton, this would suggest to us that the group relies heavily in stealth tactics when flying in what has been determined to be a “Hunting party.” What is more note worthy for our investigation is that the group uses an Armageddon class retaliator bomber, noted by the white tips of its wings. All ships belonging to this class of bomber were recorded as being melted down after their use in the Cluster Missle Strike on Haven. The very presence of this bomber now poses a security threat to UEE navy and some of the more controversial operations that have been conducted.

The group is know to be extremely dangerous when threatened by other ships. DAWNWATCH have often been know also to “hire” out services of protection to larger organisations, Shadow escorting or even been paid to hunt down and eliminating pirate and corporate targets alike. In an unusual fashion however some citizens have noted that these ships have often being protecting people who are new to space travel or to a particular systems often guarding and defending these people from known pirates and griefing organisations a like. Despite these “Robin Hood” acts of kindness it still does not negate the countless occurrences of civil and corporate unrest this organisation has been at the forefront of; often they are always leavening a systems worth of destruction in they’re wake.

It is requested that UEE local security forces promote this issue to a high priority of investigation within the listed systems provided at the end of this report. Do not hesitate to use force when investigating this group. DAWNWATCH needs to be silenced before they create more unrest in the empire.


Known systems:

  • Taranis
  • Terra
  • Last seen in Stanton




For new recruits

You’ve seen our backstory, how others view us. What do we really stand for then?

Dawn Watch is a small band of mercenaries and skilled stealth pilots. We help those who otherwise aren’t in a fair position to defend or flee from pirates and other aggressors. That is what we wished to be recognized with.

Because of the unique skills that we bring to the galaxy, we use that to our advantage and hire that skill set out to other organizations. Whether that is to provide security and shadow escorting, bounty hunting, data running and stealth recon on corporate enemies. Even in cases where the situation calls for it, we will infiltrate organizations from the inside to get the information or the person that we need. We will try every option every tactic in order to fulfil what is asked of us.

Other Organizations
For the members of other organizations that may be viewing this information. This is our terms of service if you wish to use our organization for contracted help.

-Outline for us exactly what you want done.

-Depending on the nature of the job, time and level of risk, an approved member will give you a “quote”

-1/3 of the quote is to be paid up front, covering costs and equipment. The other 2/3rds of the payment is to be paid only after the job is completed.

-Should the job fail for whatever reason. Either the target is impossible to get to or the information cannot be retrieved. The contract will end. No further payment will need to be made.

*At this point until data running becomes a thing, gathering information locations and the like will be very difficult to do, as such the prices for that form of work will be higher now until data hacking is in game.

-Please keep in mind that you as the client will need to be very specific as to your goals when entering this contract and that some jobs will take a while to fulfil from our side.

-Dawn Watch can and will reject contracts from people if it is a threat to the organization and its interests.

If you be betray us, if you set us up to be attacked by our enemies or it’s clear that the contract was a ploy to eliminate any one of our members. Know that you will be held personally responsible and Dawn Watch will respond as severely as it deems to be reasonable compensation for your actions.


Pack rules:

If you, you who are reading our history, and are thinking of joining. We thank you for your interest, we are a relaxed group most of the time, allowing its members to do what they want with in the universe.

We do though have a few rules that we expect our members to abide by. So that everyone not just your fellow wolves can enjoy this game:

- No foul language, bullying or discrimination:
We understand people may have differing opinions on acceptable language; when in group chat or voice chat with fellow members we ask please that you refrain from using expletives, Also we need to say that Verbal or text abuse and harassment of other members will not be tolerated. Abuse and harassment will include but not be limited to; racial slurs, LGBT hate speech, name calling, threats of violence, or profanity aimed at users. Use of such slurs in verbal written or picture form will result in a 24hr ban before being contacted by a moderator (Beta) to discuss your actions.

Note: If such behaviour is continued by the warned individual this will result in complete removal from the discord and the Org.

-Spamming is not allowed: This also includes copy paste. Additionally, tagging roles without permission counts as spam and will lead to a warning with the exception of tagging Betas (Moderators) under very important circumstances.

-Disruptive behaviour in voice channels:
This will result in the member being temporarily muted for voice chat.
This includes but is not limited to; loud noises, inappropriate singing, talking over others or the main speaker at that time and off topic chatter during a game or stream.

-Text Channels:
We want to ensure that conversations in text channels are kept on topic to the named text channel. Excessive discussion of a subject that has an assigned channel, will be asked to move to that channel to keep the Chat comprehensible.

Please we ask that you don’t discuss any real world political or religious topics.
This includes posting links or pictures of said topics, or using pictures associated with such talk as profile pics.
This offense can result in an temporary ban before being followed up by a moderator (Beta)

– No griefing in games:
Whilst we are an organisation that gives “grief” to pirates and griefers a like, we don’t wish for you to be labeled as a griefer as well. When hunting a wanted player or a spawn camper (i,e someone sitting outside the armistice zone and blowing other players up who are just leaving) Destroying that person once or twice (over the course of a decent amount of time and on what ever form flying or on foot) is usually enough. We just want our members to use discernment when “role playing”

-One last thing is that we ask that you don’t talk about pirating content, this can include songs videos or games

We appreciate you taking the time to go through these rules. Although there seems to be a lot to keep in mind, it’s all in the interests or making people feel welcome and included in our org and we would be grateful if you follow them all.

If you have any questions on certain details to be explained further or to discuss something that may not be found on the rules list please contact a Beta in discord to explain further.