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Devil Cloud Engineering & Exploration Corporation / DCMINING

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We are the Devil Cloud engineering and exploration corporation. We go where others will not. Specialized mining for hire. We also have various skills and expertise. Our goal is to be your main supplier for rare minerals and material. Respect is something we pride ourselves on.


Devil Cloud started the organization in the early years of the UEE expansion. The organization has made many friendships and affiliations through its current members and councils we have joined. The organization does not tolerate disrespect and likes to promote a community for all. This mantra has made us a target for some other organizations, but we stand firm.


We go where others do not. We promote a community of gamers. We are a specialized extraction mining exploration corporation. Our goal is to get you the rare resources you desire. Need transport services? We can also take care of that. Need a good laugh? Always.


Promote a community of gaming for all.
Voice complaints to officers.
Most of all, have fun.