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Roberts Space Industries ®

The Death korps strike unit. / DEATHKORP

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Security
  • Transport

Welcome citizen, ready to become more? If so then join us in our fight to save lives!


Many years ago a top secret military experiment went wrong, they created a serum to provide immunity to pathogens, toxins and also act as a combat enhancing drug. But it all went wrong, the unit they tested on lost their sense of fear and had heightened aggression, along with the unit steadily descending into madness.

But all was not lost the unit was to become the DEATH KORPS STRIKE UNIT.

Any warrior brave or mad enough to join this unit is more than welcome as the DEATH KORP only go to the most inhospitable war zones to save those in need.

So the crusade continues into the cold dark depths of space and only one last surviving unit, lead by their High Commander, are left.

The DEATH KORPS push on into the dark to defend the defenseless, to help the helpless and to bring justice and their relentless force down on their foe.

Our flagship is a Drake Kraken by the name of the FORTRESS OF TORMENT,

DEATHKORP is now on another recruitment drive having lost many brave souls to non stop war.
The remaining ships and there crew are worn down and in need of a break.
That is why DEATHKORP need new people to keep up the good fight and not let the pirates and Vanduul win.

The unit now is focused to help anyone in need and also has a search and rescue protocol so if you are under attack from pirates, slavers, Vanduul, or are out of fuel, stranded, lost or just need a ride we will be there to help you.

Darkness all around us, we don’t close our eyes, no one’s gonna ground us, we were born to fly, coming at us no stopping we was made to fight, carry on my brothers forever carry on when I am gone carry on when the day is long for the pounding guns cant be wrong so fight on, for as long as we’re together then forever carry on

We are nomads, we have no home system and are always on the move,

  • We do not want any affiliates only full members
  • Minimum age 18
  • We do not want any[ Idris ] ships as of right now.
  • We are in need of
    • Bomber Pilots
    • Fighter pilots
    • Marines
    • Traders
    • Trackers
    • Explorers
    • Pilots
    • Stock Brokers
    • Engineers
    • Medics
    • Ship Gunners
    • Weapon Officers
    • Data Interceptor
    • Undercover Operators
    • Recruitment Officers
    • ORG Bank Officer
    • Planetary Governor
    • Mining
    • Dropship pilot

Please note to be able to make it in DEATHKORP it takes a strong state of mind, guts and the mindset to work as a team.

DEATHKORP training is hard work you will need to pass 3 tests to make it into a shot at being a full member.

  • Test 1
    • You will need to be fully capable at on foot combat and know how all hand weapons work in a combat situation.
  • Test 2
    • You will need to be able to pilot a fighter or larger class of ship.
  • Test 3
    • You have to show that you are a team player and want to help others.

By joining DEATHKORP you will be looked after and be part of the unit.
Benefits of being a full DEATHKORP member are as follows:

  • 1 If you are wanting to trade you can be part of a trade convoy that will be shadowed by our flagship the FORTRESS OF TORMENT, you will be fully protected from pirates and any other hostile forces.
  • 2 You will have plenty to do as we have many roles from looking for pirate fleets to working a station on a capital ship!
  • 3 We will help you become better at your chosen role and help you with any problems you face.
  • 4 From the guy who puts cargo into ships to the one flying the capital ship everyone is valued equally and no one gets left behind.

The cost of this is cheap too only 10% from your profits go to the org bank to help pay for military costs and to help out other org mates in need.


  • Fighter max squadron size is 5
  • Bomber max squadron size is 5
  • Infantry squad size is 10
  • Capital ship is the mobile HQ


  • Siege force 3 Bomber squadrons 5 fighter squadrons 2 infantry squads 1 capital class ship
  • Planetary invasion force 2 bomber squadrons 1 fighter squad 4 infantry squads 1 capital class ship
  • Patrol group 2 fighter squadrons
    And many more.

Hello citizens.

Are you looking for something more? Like adventure, danger, life long friends, or to make some cash? Well if your answer is yes then we have the job for YOU!

The DEATHKORP strike unit needs people like you to take the fight to the pirates and to bring order to the verse!
Here at DEATHKORP we try to turn the tide on the war on crime and to bring other organisations to justice, but we need brave pilots and crew to keep the war going. Many brave pilots and their crew have paid the biggest price to bring death to are enemy and to protect worlds under DEATHKORP protection.

Want to know more? Then find us in the org search box just put in DEATHKORP and you will be taken to are front page.
Fly safe citizen.

We also have a discord so message me if you want a invite to are chat


Welcome to deathkorp as a ORG we have grown in terms of structure and we are now ready to build a empire with are traders being safe. We also now have a Kraken capital ship as our flag ship it also has LTI so less of a drain there.
We have also got are military structure rebuilt to be super effective.
More details on history page. Discord link in the spectrum.
We have members who are combat pilots/marines but we are also have a heavy industrial focus we have many traders/Miners/Salvage/Passenger transport/Explorers/Base building/Engineers/medics. Deathkorp is about being self sufficient. Are main goal is to help citizens in the verse by Search and rescue , Pirate hunting , Escorting ships , Defending Explorers from Vanduul and other threats.


  • How to unlock org ranks


  • This rank is the starter level in the org. It is for new members and those who wish to be full DEATHKORP members.


  • This is for members who have proven they have what it takes to be a part of the org and help new members.


  • This is for members who have proven to be up to the standard for what it takes to represent the org.


  • Members who have been selected for this have to show leadership qualities or are of have proven to excel at a crew position.


  • Only for a highly decorated veteran of the org can get to this rank.


  • Only for org commanders.


  • Org supreme commander and has responsibility and leadership over the org and all its members. Main priority is org safety and org success and progress.


[Current Contracts]

VNN (Verse news network) We are on Security detail.



Deathkorp members who have excelled in a particular role.

ARIOS-X1 Sabre Fighter ACE 2016-2019

Machine Gladiator Bomber ACE 2017

Prophet DXII Sharpshooter 2017

CRIMSIN FIST Patriot 2017

PRO Racer Runei 2017

Cartographer Leonidas 2017

Veteran MARINE TomTolaba 2018

Distinguished service Darkstar 2021

ST0NEGHOST Fighter ACE 2019

Chaplain executioner Draacs 2021



We are all equal leave your conflicts at home we stand as one we look out for one another we are a family of Hardcore star citizen gamer’s.

  • Three strike rule if you get three strikes you get kicked.
  • NO DRAMA (if you have a personal problem please get help we are not qualified psychologists)
    Rule 1 Save the people in need
    Rule 2 Do not trust outlaws
    Rule 3 Work as a team
    Rule 4 If you must die to save the helpless then do so with pride.
    Rule 5 Do not target other DEATHKORP members

We are here to fight with honor and pride.
Fight the good fight warriors!

  • We would also like to remember those who are no longer with us who passed away.

MgrHavoc aka Josh Dennis age 35 passed away 11-13-2018

ARIOS X1 aka Brandon Delta Manuel age 29 passed away 11-27-2019