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Brotherhood of Deception / DECEIT

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The act or practice of deceiving; concealment or distortion of the truth for the purpose of misleading; duplicity; fraud; cheating; guile.


The Brotherhood of Deception (known originally as Guile) was founded during the Summer of 2003 in Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) on the Flurry Server. We resided in our player city of Lakeside. Lakeside rose to full city status only a few hours after the first player city in all of SWG and lasted long after. It was a proud time for us as gamers being able to put our guild and a city literally on the map. Sadly, SWG went in many wrong directions causing our guild to leave SWG and flee to World of Warcraft (WoW). WoW has been our most successful game since SWG having been the home to thousands of members over the years as well as having many Marshal’s and Grand Marshal’s among them. As a PvP guild we are still active to this day on Stormscale. We have also represented strongly in other games including but not limited to Vanguard, Eve Online, Everquest 2, Warhammer, Rift and Guild Wars 2. Once Arena Commander goes live we will quickly shift the majority of our attention to Star Citizen and begin our journey to get to the same level of depth that we had in SWG. This road will not be an easy one to travel, but we are ready, we are Guile.

Alliance Members:


In Star Citizen we plan on doing everything, mining, crafting, salvaging, bounty hunting, body guarding, assassination, theft etc. Since “everything” includes less scrupulous deeds we felt it only fitting that we consider ourselves a syndicate. This being said, we are for hire like any PMC or organization out there and we will keep our end of the bargain. When we are not working with clients and just working with affiliates or core members we will be at our greatest potential for less reputable activities. For instance if we roll into an asteroid belt and there happens to be a group of miners harvesting away and depleting the resources quickly we may call in some of our fighters to eliminate the competition, nothing personal just business. If your part of a reputable group or an individual in need of less than reputable services and wish to maintain your pristine persona drop us a line and for a fee we will take care of your problem and you will remain anonymous.

We are looking for fun, mature players, men and women from all over the globe with a good sense of humor that like to joke around in Ventrilo and not take gaming too seriously but still understand we have goals and want to achieve them. We want people willing to put the guild first and expect their guild leader to do the same by putting its members first. Also, a note to new players, we are ready and able to help anyone willing to learn, we are patient, kind and understand we all have to start some where and we were all there at one point. We are not interested in dealing with a negative or elitist attitude.

Our syndicate comes with two TS3 servers located in different data centers in case the main server goes down. All members are given access to TS3, which is paid for by the guild the leader, donations are welcome but not required.

If interested in Deception or its services send Darkmai aka Krad a PM or go to our website


We like to keep rules simple so here is our one rule, Don’t be a dick….. To syndicate and allied members at any rate. If you need clarification ask an officer.