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Gizmonic Institute scours the Universe powered by science, determination and a little insanity. We are the long arms of the Forresters, exploring for knowledge and resources to keep Deep 13 moving towards World domination. Our work will not be as easy as a push of the button.


Gizmonic Institute, sometimes shortened to Gizmonics, is a top research laboratory. The institute has research and development in almost everything from bio-spheres to orbiting satellites, with advanced materials such as high-density Kevlar and molybdenum. Originated in 1988, Gizmonic Institute is one of the Universe’s oldest functioning research facilities. The unorthodox methods and far fetched inventions of the Forrester workforce has kept the company far ahead of its competition. Being one of the first private corporations to launch and host a space station, as well as inventing one of the first and most complicated forms of autonomous robotic AI, Gizmonic Institute has been a leader of technological advancement. While NASA, the Soviet Space Program (and eventually SpaceX) were at the grindstone attempting reusable rockets and commercial space flight, Gizmonics had already mastered space travel in the form of a Volkswagon van, as well as intergalactic and trans dimensional transportation. If those feats were not enough, Gizmonic Institute had also recorded multiple interactions with varying life-forms, both alien and from alternate universes. Being an equal opportunity employer, Gizmonic Institute was one of the first corporations to employ aliens – the first two members included a talking gorilla named “Bobo” and an omnipotent, hyper intelligent being known as “Observer” whom was later deemed Brain Guy, whose race were known for carrying their brains around in bowls. As much as Gizmonic Institute is pioneering in the forms of creation and invention, they were also one of the most destructive forces in the known Universe. At the hands of one of the employees, Mike Nelson, assisted by the two aforementioned robotic AI, destroyed 3 entire planets and eradicated 2 entire newly discovered races, as well as multiple Earth based global positioning satellites and the Hubble Telescope. Since it’s origin, Gizmonic Institute, as well as its subsidiary company DEEP13, has been, and forever shall be, a formidable source of science, technology and research. We shall continue change the Universe through whatever cockamamie scheme we see fit.


Gizmonic Institute pioneers in research, exploration and resource acquisition through fearless expeditions into uncharted realms of the universe. Because if we don’t The Forrester’s will kill us.

You will mine with Mole People!
Scan in the Radar Secret Service!
Explore like it’s a Lost Planet!
Protect our fleets at the command of Star Wolf and Mighty Jack!

You’ll salvage, you’ll scout for resources, you’ll watch terrible movies!

We need brave or dumb men and women willing to risk it all for menial repetitive tasks that benefit the Forrester’s more than it will yourself. You better be outfitted with courage, strength and some good natured riffs!


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.