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DEEP Fleet is an exclusive alliance operating within the Star Citizen universe, dedicated to providing services to the reaches of space while maintaining personal and professional interests. Our commitment to space travel provides a lucrative, exciting, profitable experience to Partnership members.


The corporation’s history begins long before its formal formation in 2944. DEEP Fleet’s pioneers were submariners during global conflicts, hundreds of years ago, before the human race left Earth. A special task force was organized to transport valuable persons and cargo aboard small, maneuverable submarines. This force was known as Deep Fleet and was specifically charged with the honorable task of transferring national leaders secretly beneath the depths of Earth’s oceans. Possible enemy engagements beneath the waters required that these men be an elite group, capable of piloting their craft with the utmost degree of expertise.

What is known about these early days is somewhat limited. We do know that for over a century Deep Fleet remained hidden and obscure, but as humans began to drift away from their home planet the need for underwater security became obsolete and the last generation of Deep Fleet officers sought new horizons for their organization. Their services were offered to their national government as a means of secure space travel, this idea however was dismissed. At the time colonization of other worlds by humans was still relatively young and the need for security was not recognized as a requirement for galactic transport. As a result Deep Fleet was disbanded as a combative organization.

An uncertain period of time past before Deep Fleet resurfaced as a private militant group. Decendents of original Deep Fleet officers ran an almost rouge military company, thirsty for bounty from black market trade. UEE Police quickly ended Deep Fleet’s rain of piracy along the outer fringes. However their legacy of secure trade and aggressive protection of valuables remained engrained in the minds of their most loyal, if not a bit criminal, clients. From this dark background these ambiguous syndicates began training pilots to transport goods and important persons in the best way they had seen Deep Fleet perform. These men & women, mostly freelance pilots, eventually formed a partnership under the direction of Robert “Segue” Mayne and Gavin “Gattaca” Forge. The expertise of their secure transport spread throughout the galaxy and business for these star pilots rapidly grew. In early 2944 Mayne & Forge decided to make the partnership among these pilots an official corporation and signed the following charter with the UEE Senates Council:

Dynamic Extragalactic Enterprise Partnership Fleet Inc. (DEEP Fleet)

By the United Empire of Earth Senates council, the Subcommittee on Commerce & Trade, hereby charters DEEP Fleet Inc. as a fully established corporation and business licensed to conduct operations and services as determined to be in accordance with UEE laws and regulations. This entitles DEEP Fleet to establish headquarters, offices, and stations within the Empire as long as this charter is active as described by UEE standards and procedures.

DEEP Fleet is allowed by this charter to conduct business outside of UEE controlled space in accordance withUEE laws and those laws of other known or unknown species whose space they may find themselves in. DEEP Fleet does not represent or speak for the UEE in any way unless directed to do so by this committee.

This charter is hereby signed and sealed, 2944 – 1- 21, as binding and forceful contract in which the recipients and UEE have agreed upon.

Senate Subcommittee Chair
Senator Errol Gans (C – Locke – Idris Sys)

Robert Mayne
Gattaca G. Forge


Not all of these aspects of DEEP Fleet are equally prominent in the function of the Fleet

Bounty Hunting

The main bounty hunting responsibilities will be fulfilled by the security division of DEEP Fleet. DEEP Fleet will mainly concern themselves with their own bounties and the needs of their allies.


DEEP Fleet is a corporation that provides for the needs of many aspects of business. DEEP Fleet Staritecture is consolidated in the Logistics branch of the Fleet. Salvage and repair may play a prominent role in the future of DEEP Fleet logistics.


All space power and commerce is based upon the principle of increased knowledge of space is key to success. While not the overarching goal of DEEP Fleet, exploration is to be done where possible and not interfering with regular business practices.


In terms of individuals freelancing the standard principle of business applies: “Not on company time, not with company resources”. From the entire fleet aspect, freelancing can be a profitable and worthwhile endeavor if the right contract comes along.


There is always a use for information, technology, and knowledge of situations throughout the universe. These are key to business success and thus infiltration is performed by DEEP Fleet to better run the corporation.


In most cases piracy is against the foundation of the DEEP Fleet enterprise and is looked upon with disgust and disdain, however in exceptional circumstances it has been used in order to solve a problem or two.


The life blood of the transporting and cargo business is the resources that are carried throughout the universe. Finding new sources and protecting them is a top priority for the DEEP Fleet.


Prior knowledge of what is ahead can be invaluable in the universe. Will there be pirates waiting in the asteroid field? Has the recently formed black hole disrupted my trade route? What are you willing to pay to know?


Material needs moved, pirates are plenty, security is the second objective of the DEEP Fleet. Good protection comes at a price that many are willing to pay for as they cross the universe with their cargo.


The entire purpose of business is to bring items to the buyers, unfortunately sometimes laws and restrictions get in the way of pure business. Smuggling brings the items and buyers together again with one rule: Don’t Get Caught.


Where do you find people willing to make business deals? Socially. How do you get a better business contract? Add alcohol. It isn’t personal, it is just business.


The complement to resources, there needs to be a place to sell them. Trade can be a benefit to the Fleet but is a smaller part of the operations.


The main purpose for the DEEP Fleet is to be a major part of the shipping system of the universe. Contracts are plentiful and lightspeed is cheap, as long as there is a paycheck at the end.


Our Fleet will unveil our official charter soon. Please come back for updated information.