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Roberts Space Industries ®

Intersolar Defense Solutions / DEFSOL

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Intersolar Defense Solutions

Securing Tomorrow, One Star at a Time.

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Xenothreat takes control of Pyro
Vanduul attacks on Vega II spark war
Terrorist propaganda broadcasted across Stanton ASOP terminals
First Xenothreat incursion is repelled
Ninetail gangers take control of Orison platforms, CDF responds too late
Xenothreat returns. Rumors of frigate class ships firing on fuel tankers. We go back to war.


Here at Intersolar Defense Solutions we understand conflict. Our members have been involved in every major conflict the Staton System has seen and we’ve learned one thing: the CDF is not enough. Distress calls go unanswered, medical beacons found too late, innocent people fall victim to the cruelties of the universe every day. As such we have elected to form together into an organization with the aim to provide security to those who need it, and not wait around until pirates start shooting to do something.



Though we are currently based and operate only in the Stanton system, expansion is in our future. Here at IDS we dream of a future where no star is out of reach.


The brutality of the universe offers us a single truth that IDS stands by: Unescorted cargo is no cargo at all. With the most experienced fighter pilots and gunners Stanton has to offer, we’ll make sure you arrive in one piece. Additionally we offerQuick Reponse and Combat Search and Rescue services for those stationed planetside as well.


Escort fighters and marines on turrets are only half the battle, and we are no stranger of taking the fight to the enemy. There is no better defense than ensuring your enemies never make it to the ambush, and for this we offer Projected Force packages to make sure your enemies never live long enough to regret their mistakes. From bounty hunting to shock and awe raids, our expert strike teams are a credit transfer away.


Intersolar Defense Solutions exists in a halfway point between casual gamers and hardcore MilSim reenacters. While some members will be committed to Star Citizen and extremely passionate, this is not a requirement of membership.
We simply exist to provide a place with more structure than a purely casual group, but seek to not be as overbearing as some more hardcore “units”.
One thing we wish to make extremely clear is that we will never require you to make IDS your life, or a second job. We all have things to do and priorities outside of Star Citizen, and tending to those priorities will never see you met with reprimand. That said we do intend to have regular, possibly twice a week, “Org nights” where members will come together and play the game together. It will be on these days that any large, planned operations will take place, as well as smaller groups deciding to use the opportunity to take advantage of our roles within the Org. Participation in [TBD #] of Org Nights will be required for promotion to Private upon acceptance, and there will be a minimum attendence in place in order to attain and/or hold and Officer/NCO ranks. These requirements will be decided upon at a later date when membership numbers and game development reach a point for all this to make sense.


Our stance on Crime

The universe is a violent place, and things happen. Engaging in piracy, smuggling, and other ellicit activities will not result in expulsion from IDS. There may come a time that a client contract requires this. We are a mercenary company after all.

Violence against declared allies and current clients will not be tolerated and will never be ordered.


Membership Requirements

  • Must join the official IDS discord. This is where updates, events and general communications will be posted.
  • Must be willing to participate in Organization events at such a time as the game allows us to plan and execute these- keep an eye on discord for alerts.
  • Must be understanding that we are all out to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. Intentionally hampering the enjoyment of others will not be tolerated.
  • Rank structure will be enforced during Org events. This however does not give someone the right to treat those “below” them with anything but due respect. Remember: at the end of the day we’re playing a game about internet space ships, it’s not that serious.