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Delta Consulting / DELTACON

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Delta Consulting: landing zone, spaceport, and space station mapping; navigational and planning resources for pilots; and operational and mission support, discreet transportation and security services.



Following nearly 14 years of service in the UEE Navy and Intelligence services the founder of Delta Consulting, known publicly by his military operating initials “Delta Lima,” decided to fill a need he saw in small-scale security and transportation services.

Using a simple business philosophy and a small group of skilled and dedicated professionals, Delta Consulting has carved out a small but profitable niche with its two main divisions: Delta Consulting Operations Division (DCOD) and Delta Consulting Aviation Products (DCAP).

The Operations Division specializes in transporting cargo and VIPs, as well as providing discreet security services for various diverse organizations including financial institutions, R&D companies, manufacturers, scientific researchers, medical providers, and the UEE military itself. It has also recently expanded into data security and transport, one of the fastest-growing areas of concern for businesses of all types. If you need something done without attracting a lot of attention, or if you don’t necessarily want your organization’s name or assets associated with a particular operation, we can help.

Our newest and fastest-growing subsidiary business, Delta Consulting Aviation Products (DCAP), specializes in developing procedures and documentation for air navigation and air traffic control services as well as shipboard operational needs. Our landing zone charts and terminal area charts, produced in part as a result of our status as an official contractor with the UEE Interstellar Cartography Center, are fast becoming the standard chart of this type in use by pilots throughout UEE space.

Entering its third year of operation, Delta Consulting maintains a small but diverse fleet and a list of satisfied clients. The growing Vanduul threat, continuing expansion of UEE space, and increasing political and commercial engagement with other species ensures a profitable future for Delta Consulting and its subsidiaries.


Discretion: our corporate philosophy comes down to that single word. We do not believe in flashy paint jobs or fancy logos. We don’t threaten or intimidate. We do not talk the talk: we simply walk the walk.

Where other companies may transport goods in large convoys or gleaming ships emblazoned with corporate logos, DeltaCon prefers a lower-key approach using ships that aren’t likely to attract any undue attention. When security is the mission, DeltaCon believes in using the right ship for the job crewed by skilled personnel. Simple. There are no fancy liveries, no ostentatious logos, no trash-talking pilots.

Need to transport sensitive cargo? Our small but diverse fleet can provide the best solution for your needs. What about data? Whether medical research, financial account information or legal documents, DeltaCon has you covered with our recently acquired Drake Herald. In fact, this is currently our most requested service. The UEE Senate has listed data security as one of its top five threats to Imperial security for the third consecutive year—if this is not part of your organization’s security plan, it really should be and we can help.

Want protection for your own cargo ships, or as part of DeltaCon’s shipping services? Whether you want a discreet escort, a powerful and visible force alongside your cargo shipment, or anything in between, Delta Consulting can serve your needs. Want to just hire additional security to supplement your own operations? We’ve got you covered there too.

Delta Consulting Aviation Products (DCAP) is our subsidiary business specializing in developing procedures for air navigation/air traffic control around ships, stations or planetary bases. We can provide recommendations for your existing or proposed procedures or develop them for you, in addition to maps of landing areas, checklists for use aboard ships, and more.

We don’t share our client list with anyone. If you use our services you can rest assured that the identity of your organization, personnel, the contents of your cargo/data and the operations you conduct will remain in the strictest confidence.


Available Services*:

Landing zone/spaceport/space station charting
Procedure development and consultation
Escort (fighter, shipboard security**)
Armed Response
Site Security
Data Courier
Cargo Transport
Search and Rescue
VIP or Personnel Transportation
Bounty Hunting
Intelligence Gathering
Surveillance and Scanning
Private Investigation
Ship Retrieval/Transportation
Ship Rental-Coming Soon ™
Air/Space Navigational Mapping and Procedures

*Subject to availability of ships/personnel. Most services available for both in-space and planetary operations. Services may be commissioned individually or in any combination that suits a client’s unique requirements.
**Delta Consulting may require proof of compliance with UEE regulations relating to spaceworthiness and safety equipment aboard client vessels.
***Wreckage, data, or valuables

If you’d like to discuss your needs with one of our representatives, please contact us for more information on our available ships and services.


Members may not disclose information regarding our clients or their operations to anyone outside the organization.

All mapping services and procedure development must comply with applicable UEE regulations pursuant to air navigation and safety of flight.

For any additional information on our policies, please contact one of our representatives.