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Roberts Space Industries

Deorum / DEORUM

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Resources

A ship is safest in port… but that’s not what they were built for. If you want wealth, fame, and adventure you’ll surely find it past the furthest star.


As far as the past goes, we have no history. Our journey to has not been a prosperous one but our past is not what your joining; we intend for the future of Deorum to go places whose names cannot be said for they have none.


If you join us then you have plans to see the universe as an explorer, always trying to reach the next star. Imagine picking up jobs that pay for the whole ride there, making new contacts across the verse learning of new jobs bringing you further into the vast unseen universe. We have a goal to simply explore and seek out new worlds, possibly find a bit a salvage or maybe the best mining around, regardless of what is between us and our next point we’ll get there. Our views are of peaceful nature even if bringing peace to us means blowing someone out of existence. If this sounds like you then let us know.


Rules. Yeah rules suck.