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Thank you for choosing Death Inc as your secure transfer provider. Our security teams are dedicated, professional and qualified. To understand how our DEATH Inc can work to improve your business, Contact our Communications Officer and tell us about your operational and security concerns.


DEATH Inc was founded in 2002 by former members of the DI and DSO groups. DEATH Inc/DIAU is our Star Citizen division, operating out of the UEE, from bases in Australia and New Zealand.
Death Inc’s main focus was to provide proactive intelligence and executive transportation solutions for Corporate and Private Businesses. During these early stages, it is apparent that a Star Citizen division was needed to cope with the rising interest from members. With our Head Offices based in Sydney and Brisbane Australia we have found ourselves amongst the galaxies leaders in UEE executive and covert transportation services and development.
At DEATH Inc we believe that knowledge and diversity is the key to success. Our Members consist of former Army and Naval personnel, Experienced Information technologists and specialists in security and fabrication services from many industries.
Our security teams are dedicated, professional and qualified. With diverse backgrounds, language skills and life experience we are able to adapt and fulfil any security requirement in the UEE. To understand how our DEATH Inc can work to improve your business, Contact our Communications Officer and tell us about your operational and security concerns.


UEE wide Secure Freight:
We are one of a very few select entities fully licensed and compliant with UEE requirments
Often your precious cargo will originate or need to pass intergalactic borders and for your peace of mind it is important you have access to a secure and private no questions asked freighting team that are specialists in both secure freight and information transfer services:
When it comes to secure transport Death Inc is one of the few Corporate entities this is fully capable of offering covert transport services as well as fully capable escort and secured transportation. We have full access to all UEE star-ports, civilian and military, and our teams move all freight or goods personally from door to door, we leave nothing to chance, your goods are never left in the hands of any other persons.
How do we do it:
DEATH Inc utilises military grade equipment and protocols, all controlled from a operations command centre, where all logistical aspects of your valuable goods or persons care are coordinated. From collection to delivery, our teams will monitor the consignment constantly ensuring it’s arrival securely and safely giving you peace of mind.
Our specialist covert teams will collect any consignment from any location, and deliver it to a pre-designated location
Why choose us?
Our Professionalism: Supported by proven TTP’s and backed by a fully compliant UEE accredited team of military grade operators to ensure delivery of service.
Our Expertise: Death Inc maintains a team of experts with a wide range of critical and unique back grounds, able to adapt to any situation and with a flexibility of solutions rarely available to civilian operations.
Reach: Our coverage is truly unique, with contacts and support across the verse there are no systems beyond our reach.

Safe & Secure Private transfers:
For the safety and security conscious, DEATH Inc offer a reliable private transfer with clean, comfortable ships and professional pilots and crew. We provide secure transfers to and from many different destinations including Earth, Terra, the Banu systems and many Outer Systems.
Whether you require secure passage from Earth to Terra or Geddon to Centauri, we’ve got you covered. We also offer other services such as local tours, tourist drives, day trips and other excursions on demand. You will benefit from a quality prestigious private and secure transport service at competitive prices.
DEATH Inc take pride in getting our clients to their destination on time and in complete safety and security. All our Pilots are courteous, friendly, licensed security officers with clean criminal history and up-to-date Paramedic training.
DEATH Inc vehicles are chosen with safety and security in mind. All ships are armed and have high survivability equipment on board.
For Safe & Secure private transfers to or from any port in the galaxy contact DEATH Inc Today.

VIP Transfers
Our VIP’s always feel safe & secure when in the company of DEATH Inc.
Our hand picked team of VIP protection specialists are fully trained in all aspects of executive and close personal protection work, are licensed and accredited by the UEE to provide safety for VIP’s.
Our security officers are also authorised by the UEE to provide for safety of persons, goods and cargo, manage conflict, control crowds, escort and carry valuables and provide emergency paramedic treatment.
Transportation can be arranged using our own low profile and inconspicuous but luxurious vehicles or our high security luxury fully equipped and armed transports. Security can be provided by a single covert operative or a complete tactical operations team.
To arrange for private secure VIP transfers or a consultation contact us today

Corporate Transfers
DEATH Inc prides ourselves in being able to offer a safe & secure transfer service for our corporate clients.
Whether it’s a door-to-door transfer or an star-port meet-and-greet you can rely on our pilots and crew to be punctual & professional.
Avoid the hassle of having to navigate your own way to the star-port and find convenient parking or hanger-space. Forget about waiting for unreliable pre-booked transportation services, scheduled intrechange or shuttle services, or travelling with other commuters. Our security personnel arrive at your door and escort you or your client safely and securely in comfort at your convenience.
All our pilots are licensed security officers that have passed stringent advocacy criminal history checks and hold a current UEE paramedic and personal security certificates so you can relax knowing that you and/or your clients are in highly trained, licensed, safe and competent hands.
Book your corporate transfer now or arrange a free consultation


This is a secure section. Please contact the communications officer for further information.