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Interstellar Diplomacy / DIPLOMACY

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Ambassadors, Peacekeepers and Emissaries dedicated to diplomacy.

“Peace is the only battle worth waging.”

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Sometimes the simplest explanation of origins come from the little stories we share that are passed along. One such story is being told right now in a local bar in your neck of the verse. It starts like this…An Ambassador, an Admiral and a well dressed gentlemen walk into to a bar…

It started with two special assignments that took place on ArcCorp on 2939 in the Stanton system. Assignment One was to broker a trade deal for the UEE Special Projects Division with ArcCorp and Microtech. The UEE sent a well known state appointed Ambassador, known as the Plenipotentiary, with total authority to broker the deal. Assignment Two was to transport and protect the Ambassador, although some say it was a “show of force” to pressure ArcCorp and Microtech into an early agreement. This mission was lead by an Admiral that was on his last tour of duty and was looking forward to his early retirement from the UEE Navy.

Despite the negotiations dragging out on a daily basis, both the Ambassador and the Admiral would make the most of their evenings at a local ArcCorp bar, famous for its 20th century drink recipes. At first the Admiral would discuss the following days security protocols with the Ambassador. The Ambassador, in turn, would review the day’s recordings and bounce ideas off the Admiral. After a few days of meeting, they started to discuss and analyze the inefficiencies in UEE law, the red tape that prevented diplomacy and the passing opportunities or lives that were lost because of regulations.

During a late evening bar visit, they overheard a UEE Navy JAG arguing with a well dressed gentleman, claiming to be a businessman from a group known as the Indubitably Good Samaritans. The argument was over a dispute that was reconciled with the help of an unlawful group and some clever circumventing of local UEE laws. The gentleman, who was well versed in UEE law, ran verbal circles around the JAG. The JAG got so mad that he stood up abruptly, bumping the table and spilling the gentleman’s ale. You could hear a pin drop as the music stopped and everyone stood. The Ambassador and the Admiral looked at the gentleman then looked at each other and an idea came to them.

After a short, but eventful brawl, the Admiral instructed some soldiers to get the JAG home to sleep it off. The Ambassador turned to the gentleman and offered him a drink. Right after they sat down together, the Admiral recognized a barcode on the arm of the gentlemen. He looked at the gentleman and said.

“A businessman?” As he raised his right eyebrow. “Most well dressed business men do not carry the criminal brand of piracy, let alone carry the brand of free men again.”

Just then the two armored soldiers that had accompanied the Admiral aggressively stepped toward the gentleman.

“Stand down soldiers.” The Admiral calmly stated. The well dressed ‘pirate’ sat calmly and never flinched while sipping his drink.

“What are these called again?” Said the gentleman. “Medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken not stirred?”

“You have some seriously huge asteroids between your legs son”, the Admiral sneered, “what exactly got you that mark?”

The gentleman leaned toward the Admiral and whispered, “An hour of time with an Admiral’s daughter.” He smiled and slightly chuckled.

The Ambassador asked, “So you are not a pirate, but a victim of an unethical father overstepping his authority considering the seriousness of the criminal charge?”

“No” The gentleman stated. “The admiral, her unethical mother, had bigger asteroids between her legs than I and overstepped her authority and yes, I am a pirate…a gentleman pirate.”

“Gentleman pirate?” the Ambassador asked.

“You know, the guy in a nice suit, that likes fine drinks, smokes an occasional cigar and kindly removes supplies from select greedy corporation convoys without killing them. Shares those supplies with the neighboring systems that can’t make a living because those very same corporations bullied the supply trains out of those systems all in the name of profit.” He says then sips his drink.

“I gotta know, how did you escape the work camp?” Said the Ambassador as he leaned in to hear.

“Oh, the Admiral came to visit me right after my sentence. Let’s just say I used my charm. She does not actually have asteroids between her legs and yes I am completely fine that she unethically overstepped her authority on the way out, and not before I got the brand, a little souvenir.” He smiled, content with himself.

That meeting soon developed into regular bar visits to discuss hypothetical ideas and ways to streamline connections between the UEE and the outside world. Soon the three of them came to be good friends and the Ambassador and Admiral finally decided that the civilian world offered a better way to help groups of people avoid the UEE red tape, circumvent laws that were allowing people to suffer unnecessarily and make connections much easier than they could never have done on their own.

With their combined connections and networks, the two of them started a group, with the help of the gentleman, to help connect organizations without all the complexities of UEE law. It came to specialize in diplomacy, negotiation and mediation between certain parties that may or may not operate within the full boundaries of that law. With their UEE connections, they applied and were issued UEE special permit 10109. A permit granting them diplomatic immunity which gave them the edge over other “middleman” organizations. Allowing them the freedom to negotiate with any group, even unlawful parties and those outside of UEE law. They created a council of Ambassadors to bridge relationships and a defense force to protect the council and the parties they represented. The organization came to be well known and respected as Interstellar Diplomacy and the defense force that served them came to be known as the Interstellar Peacekeepers, one of the most advanced and well-trained defensive forces in the known systems.


Interstellar Diplomacy is a non-profit, neutral Organization and Embassy dedicated to diplomatic resolutions and relationships. It specializes in mediation, negotiation and arbitration. It supports and connects organizations to one another to resolve issues, find common ground, build bridges of trust with common goals and interests, network and make sensitive exchanges. Our job is to listen, connect, assist and support organizations. Our allies, affiliations and community networks are represented by Emissaries, Envoys and Ambassadors.

Here are a few examples of how we can help you and your organization:

  • You find yourself in conflict with another organization that you would like to end peacefully…
  • You would like to build an alliance with a group, but don’t know how to approach them…
  • You want to share a location with another group because your org can’t hold it or utilize it to its potential…
  • You have a loved one that needs to exchange cargo with your law breaking pirate family member but your group strictly forbids contact…
  • You need to negotiate a ceasefire to pull out your wounded…
  • You want someone to be present as a neutral party for a meeting…
  • You need to pick up some supplies in town on a planet in UEE controlled space, but are not welcome because of that “little” infraction involving damage to a UEE Navy ship and it’s crew…
  • You need anything managed or advised diplomatically, socially, or neutrally…
  • You need general support in a mission or operation…

Interstellar Diplomacy is waiting to serve your organization.

The Embassy is the heart of our organization and revolves around all the organizations represented within our network and the members that represent them as Emissaries, Envoys and Ambassadors.

The Peacekeepers are the roots of our organization. They are the internal support structure of professionals, both combat and non combat, that keep everything running so we may help others. They each serve under at least one of our six branches: Science, Exploration, Medical, Logistics, Intelligence and Defense (our premier defensive militarized force). They serve to transport, protect and defend our diplomats, support investigations, enforce treaties and patrol neutral areas.

Interstellar Peacekeepers mandate:

We shall defend the Embassy and those that serve it…
We shall defend those associated with diplomatic ties…
We shall defend ourselves so that we may defend others…
We shall defend treaties established…
We shall patrol and investigate treaty established zones…
We shall de-escalate hostile intent if possible…
We shall fire only when fired upon…
We shall kill only when necessary to defend and protect…
We shall accept all surrenders from aggressors…
We shall not pursue aggressors if they retreat…
We shall resist, we shall repel, we shall hold the line, and only when the enemy pushes so hard against us that all shall crumble, we shall allow them to snap and break against us.
We are the sheath, we are the shield, we are Peacekeepers

Branches of the Peacekeepers:

Science – crew dedicated to science in roles that include Research & Development, Agriculture, Xenobiology and Cloning.

Exploration – crew dedicated to discovery in roles that include Astro Telemetry, Mapping, Prospecting and Deep Space exploration.

Medical – crew dedicated to the medical field in roles that include Search & Rescue, Surgery & Augmentation and Pharmaceuticals.

Logistics – crew dedicated to running supply chain operations in roles that include Colonization & Development, Fuel & Repair, Salvage & Recovery and Supply & Transport.

Intelligence – crew dedicated to information in roles that include Data Running, Intel Gathering and Reconnaissance.

Defense – crew dedicated to a defensive military force in roles that include Combat, Operations and Security.

Interstellar Diplomacy has been issued UEE special permit 10109 which gives us diplomatic immunity within the UEE and allows us to conduct “grey area” transactions between UEE, the civilian world and those you may operate outside the law. We are not liable for actions, damage to property or deaths incurred by or in association with our affiliations, clients and transactions related to them.


Member Charter:

1. Show respect towards the community, members, affiliates, allies and opponents. We will participate in operations with others and must show respect and professionalism. If an issue arises, we can discuss it in private council and can include appropriate parties if needed.

2. We are an equal opportunity organization and we WILL NOT tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind within our ranks. Anyone that violates this rule will be addressed accordingly which may include, but is not limited to, a demotion, suspension or removal from the organization. In a case where it is unclear, members will meet, review and determine the best course of action. (Refer to rule 1)

3. Communication is one of the single most important considerations of the organization. Please join us in Spectrum or Discord upon applying through the provided links. This is an easy way to keep everyone, including yourself, informed and a way to participate and get to know other members and the community.

4a. Ambassadors (main members only) are encouraged to build relationships with other players and organizations both in game and out (Discord or Spectrum). Members may join other organizations as affiliates or invite other organization representatives to join DIPLOMACY as Emissaries. All organizations represented, either by an Ambassador or Emissary, should be linked in the appropriate channel or thread to be added to our records archive. Ambassador are the only diplomats that may have an opportunity for a seat on the Grey Council. Those position are limited by org size.

4b. Peacekeepers (main & affiliate members) are encouraged to practice basic dog fighting, multi-crew stations and basic FPS. These are necessary skills to survive the hostile environments we may have to operate in to defend allies, other members and oneself. They shall follow a chain-of-command structure. Peacekeepers must pass a trial, The Gauntlet, to be considered an official Peacekeeper. These members are then free to pursue roles within the organization that they find comfortable and enjoyable, but in a few cases may need a recommendation from leadership for very specialized roles. Peacekeepers that are main members are the only members that may have an opportunity for a seat on the Grey Council. Those position are limited by org size and a ratio of 3:1 (Ambassadors:Admirals) Affiliates can however hold up to the position of Arbiter (a branch leader).

4c. Emissaries (affiliate members only) are under no obligation other than representation and communication for their main organizations, they are independant and follow their organization’s rules. They will have diplomatic immunity within DIPLOMACY, but any grief related issues that cause DIPLOMACY to break rules or endangers another organization within the boundaries of a negotiation/mediation will be reported to their organizations leadership and may include but is not limited to a verbal warning, a suspension, a ban of the emissary or the severing of diplomatic ties with the organization of the emissary.

5. We do have members that will role-play although it is not necessary. The most important rule is to enjoy the gameplay and have fun.

Promotion consideration guidelines for Ambassadors:

Recruits pursuing a diplomatic role, Envoy, must perform a task set by an Ambassador mentor, to be considered and approved for full diplomatic status. Promotion to Ambassador is made based on a recommendation and a vote by the Grey Council.

Promotion consideration guidelines for Peacekeepers:

A recruit must first finish a trial period known as ‘The Gauntlet’ at which time they will graduate to the role of official Peacekeeper. If you stand out in performance, you may be considered for a leadership rank, known as a Shield, where you can lead your own unit. Further, if you are effective as a Shield in leading a unit, you may be considered for further leadership ranks which can include leading multiple units, special assignments known as “Grey Ops” which are higher risk and reward missions or asked to be a Warden which is part of an elite unit tasked with the protection of Grey Council members. Those chosen for a special role are the most versatile and reliable members, the jack-of-all-trades, the highly effective and motivated, and the most effective at communication or their chosen skills.

The Gauntlet (trial period)

Recruits enter the Peacekeeper Academy where they get to know other players, build trust and learn the basics from piloting to ground combat to following the chain-of-command. Recruits then graduate by completing the Gauntlet. This is where you are tested and evaluated on what you learned and are granted the promotion of Peacekeeper. Once an official Peacekeeper, you can specialize is a specific area based on your interests.

The Gauntlet will consist of a single game session to help test and evaluate your skills which can include piloting, FPS, professional skills or protocols. This is an encouraging time where you can show us what you have learned. You may be observed by an auditor during the Gauntlet.

If you pass the Gauntlet by determining that you can perform in combat, follow orders and act respectfully you will be promoted to the rank of Peacekeeper. At this time you will be assigned to a branch unit based on your main interest. Peacekeepers are encouraged to learn as much as they can within a branch or even other branches and should always be prepared for post rotation, if needed in an emergency.


The Grey Council:
The highest ranked members of the organization, Ambassadors and Admirals, make up a small leadership council known as the Grey Council. Each member of this council has an equal vote. The seats of the Grey Council are formulated three Ambassadors to one Admiral. This is to allow diplomatic outcomes over military solutions when possible. Although the Grey Council has full authority in final decisions, every member will have a voice and will be heard and considered.

Ambassador is responsible for the management and aid of all other diplomats. They are members of the Grey Council. They have authority in all Peacekeeper matters in the absence of the Admirals, support and maintain diplomatic relations and oversee and support Branch leadership.

Admiral is responsible for peacekeeper fleet command and management. They are members of the Grey Council. They are able to perform in diplomatic matters in the absence of the Ambassadors and oversee and support Branch leadership.

Envoy is an experienced main member diplomat and can be versatile in all diplomatic disciplines or specializing in a single discipline, such as organization communications, treaty drafting, mediation or negotiation. They work independently when given approval and report directly to the Grey Council.

Emissary is an affiliate member representative of an organization. They have diplomatic immunity and support their own organizations interests. They make up the majority of the network and may reach out to other organizations or may be contacted by other organizations within the network for services, support or help in diplomatic matters. They interact directly with Envoys and Ambassadors within the Embassy.

Recruit is a new member. They will be trained and tested with training drills to get familiarized with our internal protocols, procedures and job skills. This is a review period where we will observe for the ability to follow orders, show respect, and the willingness to learn.