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Roberts Space Industries ®

Dire Solutions League / DIRELEAGUE

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Were a mercenary group that will do pretty much anything, as long as it’s fun.

Also, friendly to new players. Let’s band together!

New Applicants Welcome. Message Robots0 for the Discord Link.

Check out our Org activities LIVE on Twitch.


We are a band of mercenaries for hire, with aims at creating sub-groups to handle roles from Mining & Shipping to Exploration & Combat.

Our main goal during the Alpha phase is to group up together and find crazy stuff to do in the Verse.

We have opportunities for new members with aptitude to rise in the organization.

Join us today!


We, The Dire Solutions League, declare that we exist to help all of those in dire need.

We also declare that we ABSOLUTELY had NOTHING to do with creating the situation where you lost your ship due to trolls who stole it from you while you were floating in space and now you need someone to help you get back to the space station. That totally wasn’t some of us trolling and creating a funny situation to take advantage of… nope… no sir… we’d never do that.

Well, maybe we would…