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Defenders of Honor / DOFH

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We Are the Defenders of Honor. We are Founded by a small group of Space Fairing Freelancers that survived the Death of SWG at the hands of SOE and the infamous NGE. We seek to fill our ranks with those who share our goals and love of exploration. Fortitudinem et honorem defensorum!


Coming from a time and place where a tyrannical empire crushed the masses into submission, we the Defenders of Honor have come to take on the outer reaches of known systems to take the work that needs to be done and stand up for those who can not stand for themselves. We fought to unify our selves when our Government failed to do so, we built a city on a desert world far from the central core and thrived for a time. However as we fought to stand against the government the corporations swept in and destroyed all we had attained. Even in the face of this new economic crisis we fought on for years we struggled to remain the beacon of light we once were. As our ranks slowly thinned and the darkness reclaimed that which we had wrestled from it we took to the stars in search of a new place to call our home.

We are Sanctuary for players that once had a close community ingame and for whatever reason, it was taken away from you, tearing your online families apart.

The Defenders of Honor is a centemental rebirth of a small community of active players. We did Everything together, sharing years of adventure will turn those people into your Friends. We built a thriving city together, fought space battles and went on quests that would seem like torture to some. Those were the days.

We have suffered heavy losses over the years through losing our home and losing contact with each other. But what we stand for never ceased to exist. We want that family back. We want to make new friends to thrive and share this game with us for years to come.

Everyone is welcome to rebuild a great community with us. I do understand this may not be for everyone. You will know if this is where you want to be.

We are not going away. If YOU feel like this has appealed to you even a little, please apply


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We The Defenders of Honor Agree to Hold ourselves to the standards and Guild lines Set Forth Here to the Best of our Ability.

* Your Ship is your Home your Crew is family. * What is right and what is good are never the same. * We Do what it takes to keep our family in good health and our ships in the Skies.