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Established in 2523, The Department of Gaming Enterprise (or DOGE for short), oversee race wagering, betting and odds for the Murray Cup.

We host the Triple Crown of the annual WOW! 500 endurance race, the Very Dodge DOGE Classic and the Such Speed Sprint, as well as the Much Damage Derby.



With the popularity of racing increasing, DOGE was officially established in 2523 in order to control the amount of wagering that was taking place within the scene.

Numerous feuds had been developing in the years previous, some with very violent outcomes. In order to temper relations and improve control over illegal race fixing, DOGE developed into a independent and neutral enterprise to help anyone that wanted to conduct business or gamble within the racing industry.

In 2671, the first WOW! 500 was run, with such speed and much competitors. Nearly 70 racers started, very few finished, with the endurance taking it’s toll on the majority of the pack. Only 22 of the starting line up completed the event, the rest having retired from much exhaustion, such crashes and very mechanical failures.

In 2708, after seeing so many bets being placed on who would crash/drop out of the WOW! 500, the Much Damage Derby was established, and to this day is still the only pure demolition derby that exists in the UEE. No weapons are allowed, and it can end up a very tense affair with many ships being lost. It’s definitely a competition that is very wow, and much life lost. Such lack of insurance.

2720 saw the development of the Such Speed Sprint and the Very Dodge DOGE Classic. This was brought upon by the strong growth of the industry, and the strong demand for more races. Together with the WOW! 500, these three core races make the DOGE Triple Crown, which then leads into the prestigious Murray Cup. The Sprint is for pure speed, and allow those that love drag racing to show off their ‘wow’ skills. In contrast, the Classic is a very agility-skilled event with racers dodging asteroids, debris and weapon fire as they wend their way to the finish line.

With hundreds of races successfully bet upon, DOGE is looking for the future and helping those in the industry to develop as well as ensure a clean industry for everyone.


The DOGE is very happy to support any:

  • Business transactions
  • Gambling
  • Betting
  • Odds Providing
  • Information Support
  • Racing Support
  • Sponsorships

While most business is conducted in ‘legal’ knowledge, the racing industry is not always the most clean place. We don’t ask what deals get made, so long as they are done fairly for both parties. We do not check Hull IDs. We do act against those that cheat in the industry.


  • We shall always be available to those in the industry who need help.
  • During Murray Cup season, we are there as a bookie to take bets and offer odds.
  • We will always run the WOW! 500.
  • We will always run the Such Speed Sprint.
  • We will always run the Very Dodge DOGE Classic.
  • We will always run the Much Damage Derby.
  • To provide a suitable place for transactions and business for those in the racing industry, and oversee deals.
  • To enact should any party in our jurisdiction fail to comply with their part of the bargain.
  • To act as a middle man, should the transaction require it.