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Roberts Space Industries ®

Intergalactic Medical Gown Smuggling Ring / DOUBLEDOG

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What created us

The UEE mandate that all regenerated persons receive a medical gown has stretched the resources of hospitals to a breaking point. Fear of fines and sanctions for violating the UEE’s oppressive law means they focus less resources on care and more on administrative overhead. Cleaning staff turnover is at a record high. Due, in large part, to the constant mess of medical gowns they have to clean up. It is a never ending cycle of trash that would lead even the most stalwart janitor to insanity.


We exist in the shadows. In the small hours of the night, we emerge. Like the elves helping the shoe cobbler, we take to space to move medical gowns that are a scourge upon our lives. We manage the logistics. We manage the disposal. We manage.

Stations are cleaner than they ever have been.

The people need us.

See a gown, take a gown.


Any member of the Intergalactic Medical Gown Smuggling Ring will be held to these standards/rule.
Failure to comply will result in punishment involving sick burns and being sassed at.

  1. See medical gown on floor
  2. Leave it, thinking you don’t have time for this BS
  3. Remember you’re a member of a smuggling ring that deals in medical gowns
  4. Retrieve medical gown off the floor
  5. Do something with it
  6. I don’t know what… just do something. I’m not your dad, sheesh