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Phantom Legion / DPL

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“Phantom Legion: Aid in Chaos, at the Right Price.”


The Phantom Legion’s history, beginning in 2932, is marked by a series of significant engagements and humanitarian actions
1. 2935, The Founding Strike: Shortly after its inception, the Phantom Legion launched a daring raid against a Vanduul scouting party near the Terra system. Utilizing guerilla tactics and leveraging their superior knowledge of the local space terrain, they successfully ambushed and eliminated the Vanduul threat, gaining early recognition for their combat effectiveness.

2. 2937, Lorville Uprising: In Lorville, Casual Sash’s hometown, the Legion intervened in a major civil unrest. Utilizing non-lethal measures and strategic containment, they helped restore order while minimizing civilian casualties, showcasing their commitment to ethical combat practices.

3. 2938, The Helios Mine Clearance: This operation involved the dangerous task of clearing active mines in the Helios system. The Legion used advanced EOD techniques and drone technology to safely neutralize the mines, opening vital trade routes and extracting valuable minerals, part of which were used to support their members.

4. 2941, The Stanton Siege: A hostage situation by a notorious pirate group at Stanton saw the Legion executing a precision rescue operation. They infiltrated the pirate stronghold, neutralized the threat, and safely extracted the hostages, demonstrating their adeptness in close quarters combat and hostage rescue scenarios.

5. 2942, The Yela Asteroid Relief: The Legion provided critical support in the Yela asteroid belt, aiding in the establishment of safe mining practices. They also set up fair trade agreements for the miners, ensuring that profits were equitably distributed, which significantly improved living standards for miners and their families.

6. 2944, Relief Efforts on ArcCorp: Following an industrial disaster on ArcCorp, the Legion conducted extensive relief operations. They provided emergency medical aid, logistical support, and helped rebuild critical infrastructure, reinforcing their image as more than just a military force.

7. 2945, Bounty of “Red-Eye” Rallis: The Legion captured the feared pirate “Red-Eye” Rallis in a high-risk operation near Grim HEX. Utilizing a combination of space and ground tactics, they managed to corner and apprehend Rallis, bringing an end to his reign of terror in the Stanton system.

8. 2946, The Takedown of “Ghost” Zhang: “Ghost” Zhang, a notorious smuggler, was apprehended on ArcCorp after a complex sting operation. The Legion used intelligence gathering and undercover operatives to infiltrate Zhang’s network, leading to a successful takedown without a public disturbance.

9. 2947, The Battle of Broken Moon: Facing a Vanduul raiding fleet at Ferron’s Broken Moon, the Legion employed a mix of hit-and-run tactics and direct confrontations. Despite being outnumbered, their strategic positioning and use of the moon’s terrain to their advantage resulted in a decisive victory.

10. 2948, Operation Silent Drill: In the risky asteroid field of the Nyx system, the Legion conducted mining operations under hazardous conditions. They implemented cutting-edge mining technology and precise drilling techniques to extract rare minerals, which were crucial for funding their operations and supporting their members and their families.

11. 2949, Operation Silent Stars: This covert mission targeted a slave ring in the Nyx system. The Legion infiltrated the ring, gathered evidence, and conducted a synchronized takedown, freeing hundreds of captives and disrupting the illegal trade network.

12. 2950, The Capture of “Viper” Venkman: The Legion executed a complex operation to capture “Viper” Venkman, a notorious mercenary leader. After tracking Venkman across multiple systems, they engaged in a series of space and ground battles, culminating in his capture and bringing justice to his many victims.

13. 2951, The Tiber Defense: Responding to a Vanduul assault on Tiber, the Legion mounted a robust defense, employing defensive fortifications and coordinated strikes. Their efforts not only repelled the Vanduul but also protected critical infrastructure and civilian lives.

14. 2952, The Goss Intervention: The Legion played a pivotal role in liberating the Goss system from a dictatorial regime. They provided military support to local resistance, helped establish communication networks, and facilitated the transition to a more democratic governance, earning the gratitude of the Goss populace.

15. 2952, The Relief Operation on Delamar: Faced with a crisis on Delamar, the Legion organized a large-scale relief operation. They provided emergency medical services, food, and shelter, and assisted in rebuilding efforts, showcasing their ability to manage large-scale humanitarian crises.

16. 2953, The Oso Stand: During a severe planetary crisis in the Oso system, the Legion’s rapid response and efficient coordination were crucial in providing medical aid, evacuation services, and logistical support, averting a potential disaster.

Under Casual Sash’s leadership, these and other undisclosed operations have solidified the Phantom Legion’s reputation as a formidable force. Respected for both their combat prowess and their chaotic moral compass, navigating the complex dynamics of interstellar politics and conflict before the year 2953.


The Phantom Legion, a renowned mercenary group in the Star Citizen universe, was born out of a union of outcasts and mavericks, individuals who found themselves at odds with the conventional paths of their respective societies. These skilled pilots, engineers, and tacticians, once marginalized for their unconventional methods and daring ideas, found a common purpose: to forge their own destiny in the vastness of space. Driven by a strong sense of camaraderie and a desire for excitement, they pledged to live life on their own terms, seeking thrill and wealth in equal measure.

Their guiding principle was simple: to aid those in need, regardless of the chaos that enveloped entire star systems, and to do so for the right price. This philosophy made them heroes to some and mercenaries to others. They operated on the fringes of legality, often taking jobs that walked a fine line between right and wrong. Their willingness to venture into war-torn regions, to provide aid or tip the balance in a conflict, earned them a reputation as both liberators and daring opportunists. Their exploits were not without risks, and many members of the Phantom Legion had experienced the inside of a prison cell, yet these experiences only strengthened their resolve.

Above all, the Legion sought a life filled with adventure and prosperity. They were unafraid to delve into the unknown, to take on missions that others deemed impossible, and to navigate the moral complexities of their work. Their existence was a constant dance with danger, a pursuit of the next exhilarating mission, and a relentless quest for the next lucrative contract. In the ever-expanding universe of Star Citizen, the Phantom Legion stood as a testament to the undying spirit of those who seek freedom, thrill, and fortune among the stars.


The Phantom Legion, an organization in “Star Citizen,” is dedicated to aiding those in need for a fair compensation, while also fostering a sense of freedom among its members to pursue their own interests, unhindered by stringent laws. This charter emphasizes the organization’s commitment to moral integrity, ensuring that actions do not veer into extreme malevolence. It reflects a balance between mercenary work and personal freedom, guided by a core principle of helping others while maintaining a flexible moral compass.