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Dropping Purple Smoke Online / DPSO

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Social

Dedicated to offering a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere to all.

Join us on our Discord for text chat:
And our Teamspeak for voice:


In the distant universe there was a planet called Auraxis where death did not exist. Three factions fought desperately for control of the known land. In the chaos known as pure war itself a few elite soldiers formed what came to be the most powerful force in all of the land. Under the direction of their Deity, Vanu, they became powerful and well known in the Helios regions. Unfortunately the battle on Helios was ended abruptly by a massive unknown force that sealed off the land. Being forced to move to Connery their battle still raged on. As their use of purple smoke to call out already obvious targets grew so did the idea of the Dropping Purple Smoke Outfit. Training to all willing to accept it from young to old and new to experienced. Leaders dedicated to sacrificing time and energy to helping others. Their numbers and their force immense yet still not enough.

Their skill and leadership drew many to it making them a vital resource in the battles ahead. Masters on foot and in the air they took Auraxis over from the Terrain Republic and New Conglomerate. As death did not exist nor did the end to the war. As their technology expanded they took to the stars finding new threats to combat. They set aside their differences to face this new challenge together. It rages on and its grasp is coming close to your home. Will you face them, or will you join them?


DPSO is a friendly gaming community dedicated to creating an enjoyable experience for all play-styles while accomplishing in-game goals. We pride ourselves on accepting members of all skill levels and commitments and measure our success through the improvement of every player’s skills. DPSO State of Mind
  • Encourage and Teach

Morale can mean the difference between winning a war to losing one as starting a war to preventing one or making a deal on a trade or not. Whatever the case we have the mind set to create a up-building environment where everyone can play a part with the skills they learn.

  • Humble yet knowledgeable

The majority of Officers take time and energy away from their own recreational gain to guide and direct others while you can play comfortably. Their humble example should reflect on the whole of DPSO and taking the time to gain knowledge and sharing it with others is a part of who we are.

  • Respect your opponent

I never said that you needed to like them, yet give credit where credit is due.

  • Support your fellow Citizens

Your allies are almost as important as your comrades. Supporting each other in times of need and want to make a better tomorrow. For us at least.

  • Respect your fellow DPSO members

You know the morals of your fellow members and their state of mind. If you can’t like them for who they are then at least respect them for their goals and motives.

“With this attitude of what we are about, your experience with [our community] can be as awesome as it has been for me.”
- MasTapy, Leader of DPSO


Codes of Conduct

These rules apply to all members of the DPSO regardless of any rank, positions, or game the member belongs to.

  • Unethical Game Play (Cheating)

I will not engage in any form of cheating and will not tolerate those who do.

  • DPSO Servers

I will abide by all established game specific Rules of Engagement while playing within DPSO.

  • Server Administration on TeamSpeak/ Internal Affairs

I will ensure that all Codes of Conduct are followed by all members and enforce per the established administration guidelines or report the violator to the appropriate personnel.
I will obtain visual confirmations of a reported violation prior to taking action per the established guidelines (only exception is if reported by a superior rank).

  • Discussion

I will refrain from engaging in discussion or debate of political or religious subject matters in any public medium (any forum, public channel in voice chat clients).

  • All members have:

Brains and know how to use them and respect others brains.
An age above 16 with very rare exceptions. – Maturity is a must.
Joined and use our TeamSpeak 3 Server regularly “” this is where the majority of our community communicate, c’mon don’t be shy.