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Roberts Space Industries ®

Order Of The Dragon / DRACUL

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Piracy
  • Infiltration

Speaking in killing words The vicious kind that crush and kill No mercy, it’s pleasure to taste The blood that it bled


From the chaos there is order. From the order there is the dragon. With the dragon there is victory. Hail Dracul warriors, Hail Victory



  • The Order Of The Dragon does not accept affiliated members. So please associate The Order of the Dragon as your main organization,
    Otherwise, you will, unfortunately, have to be removed. We are not exclusive that means you can affiliate with other orgs freely.
  • All types of gamer’s are welcome (hardcore,regular,casual).
  • The org does not require role playing but encourages it.


  • Age limit is 16
  • No racism No abuse. No gore. No sexual material.
  • No severe foul language or insults. No attacks on org staff.
  • No recruiting links to other servers or orgs . and no Viruses.
  • The order is a self rule. open ended universe structure and command system . no stress free play, fair and fun if you have an rsi package you can join and play no questions asked no interviews and no requirements.
  • Complaints will be heard in discord . Most of us are mature people and we came to play and relax, not to be ruled and farmed like cattle or to be owned by real life businessmen or army generals.

our discord link is in spectrum forums

With the dragon there is victory. Hail Dracul Warriors, Hail Victory !


I’ve always been amazed that asteroids can fly in groups for millions of years and never touch each other or connect. They are dead rock so they find their perfect orbit and stick to it. We also wanna find that place of perfection but we’re not asteroids, we change and that’s the problem. The more you try to create a paradise the more you will resent the prison and all you’re left is dreams of a future that never happened