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We are a band of nobleman!

We come together for a single cause and under a single banner. (Dutch Republic).
You all are captain of your own fleet and game.
We will not judge you of your game play.

Have fun! That is why we are here!


Origins of the Dutch Republic

They can be considered either as privateers, depending on the circumstances or motivations of the United Provinces, which was a confederal republic that existed from the formal creation of a confederacy in 1581, by several Dutch provinces—seceded from Spanish rule—until the Batavian Revolution of 1795.
It was a predecessor state of the Netherlands and the first Dutch nation state from 1839.
It was later taken up in the European Union, Holland is now a State of Europe.

Earth Date 2214.

A new version of the RSI engine has been released, allowing travelling for up to 1/10th of the speed of light. More ships nowadays are exploring the Sol system.

The nickname Pilgrims developed between :Earth Date 2231

The Dutch were always known for there great exploration, trading, mining and Colonization skills.
It is for this reason they earned the nickname; Pilgrims.
They were the first to set foot in outer space.

2261: like many other Pilgrim’s toke a course to towards the Neso Triangle.
Drawing comparisons to the Bermuda Triangle, the government declares the Neso Triangle a no-fly zone.
There is much more myth and conjecture about why this happens than there are hard facts.
This law was inpowerd earth date 2262

United Empire of Earth: Earth Date 2546

After this The United Empire of Earth (UEE), colloquially referred to as the Empire, by its human population, is a sovereign, democratic, interstellar empire, spanning across 37 star systems. It was founded in 2546

The first Pilgrims gathering: Earth Date 2947.

This first historical gathering of the new pilgrim’s group, The Dutch Republic.
It was here in Bremen on Rytif where the first plans were made to start a new home,
somewhere in this universe. They never revealed their plans for a location, as far as we know!

Birth of our Motto: Earth Date 2948

We will not divide the Pilgrims into Divisions and we will treat everyone the same.
And so our Motto was born;
(one for all and all for one!)

Start of Dutch Republic: Earth Date 2949

After some years of gathering resources, we started on the biggest adventure
of the Dutch Republic.


The Dutch Republic.

We will not divide the player into divisions and we will treat everyone the same.
You are all captain of your own fleet and game.
We also will not judge you by your gameplay.
You are free to fly and stand how you like.

We trust that you know the difficulties in the UEE if you decide to go to the pirate’s way of life.
This will mean that you are bound to only a few systems!
And changes are we’re not able to help you, not everyone is pirate minded.

Our main focus

To boldly go where no man has gone before!

Will be on exploration, trading, mining, Bounty hunting and so much more, we accept members from all trades!
Feel free to join our group to increase our self-sufficiency even further.

To get in contact use our discord channel for your needs!

Discord Link > Dutch Republic…

We dare you to enlist

So Please have fun! That’s why we’re here!


Welcome Citizen!

To get in contact: use our discord channel for your needs!

Discord Link > Dutch Republic…

If you don’t have discord Download it here

Download Discord…

Read this and have fun

1. Respect each other
2. Have fun
3. The Founder’s and First Officer are always right
4. Please use the designated channels.
5. do not be rude, vulgar, racist, sexist, or make other inappropriate comments, do not force yourself and your idea on someone,do not shoot or ram, don’t be a troll in the game … any game.
6. do not post porn/Hentai or self promote
7. Please be respectful to us and each other
8. Please feel free to ask us questions!
9. if a member is not keeping to these rules first there will be a Kick, then a Ban for good.
10. if you like to play other games we have an other discord server for you (Gamers Lounge) Not Active till there is need for it
11. When not enlisted after 30 day’s you will be kicked from our discord, you are welcome to re join when enlisted ,The Founders.
12. Please have fun! That’s why we’re here!


Captain————————: Can write and give info, chat, Voice every ware
Associate Captain—: Can write almost everywhere except in the information chat. but can read it
Associate ——————: on the forum in star citizen

every member can move a member from or to a channel.

We have a very active forum on spectrum so the info doesn’t get lost in the never-ending history of discord, feel free to use it.

Also, on discord we use an Ideas chat. Every member can put in their ideas, no matter what!

How we see our members.

  • Founder Captain
  • Captain/Moderator
  • Captain with Citizenship—: with SQ 42
  • Captain————————————: with out SQ 42
  • Associate Captain—————: Equal to Captain, (is basically a friend)
  • Associate——————————-: All most Equal to Captain

feel free to assimilate us into your brain ;-)

This is how we, the Founders, see this wonderful group of nobleman!

To get in contact use our discord channel for your needs!

Discord Link > Dutch Republic…

Treaty Q&A

Allied Treaty: Means that your org will not troll, fire or do something that will harm the other group of citizens.
It enables also explore,trade,tactical operations for example.
There will be a wide range of options to make a Joint operation if the game provided it.
The spec of the mission will be given when the 2 groups have made up a plan for the operation.

We use our rules like mentioned here above.
When there is a banned member in the other org, this member cannot join the active joint operations.
These members are excluded from all Dutch Republic Activities!

Allied Treaty includes the following:
  • Allied pact
  • Trade pact
  • Non Aggression pact

Other Orgs can also choose one of the above-mentioned pact’s!

Active Treaties