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Roberts Space Industries ®

Deep Space Crew / DSCREW

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  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Medical

~ The stars are our home and exploration is our nature! ~

- D E E P S P A C E C R E W -
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Little is known of the long term history of the founders of Deep Space Crew known only as “The Original 8”. Always shrouded in mystery they have become an enigma amongst those that have heard of them.

The descendants of these people strive forward to this day, exploring, discovering and colonizing as they travel through the verse, building bases and supply routes, creating a network of fabulous travel locations to visit or settle.

Fleet Horizon is the self-sustaining fully independent exploration fleet at the centre of operations, always on the edge of new discovery.

Known for their honour, reliability, honesty and delivering on their word while offering a large variety of high-quality services.

Three things cannot be hidden for long. The sun the moon & the truth
~ The Buddha


An independent force of nature, self-organising motivated crew members endeavour to establish healthy relationships with all sentient beings in the verse. To grow as a group of free individuals and establish our many places of sanctuary and harmony.

To meet with our galactic family and to find our full potential and resonate with infinity.


Deep Space Crew – A slave to no one & master to none.