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DarkStar Squadron / DSS

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Trading

We are a Fleet that strives to improve the game enjoyment of its members by providing an atmosphere that promotes participation in a fun, low stress and supportive social environment. You will find that we support our members by assisting them in achieving any of their goals.


Jan 2003 – Mar 2006 (Inactive)

Unit Name: 178th Imperial Pursuit Wing, Darkstar Squadron
Game: Star Wars Galaxies (Flurry)
Faction: Empire

Sep 2008 – Present (Active)

Unit Name: Darkstar Corporation
Game: EVE Online
Faction: Amarr

Jan 2010 – Present (Inactive)

Unit Name: Darkstar Squadron
Game: Star Trek Online
Faction: Federation of Planets

July 2013 – Present (Active)

Unit Name: Darkstar Squadron
Game: Squadron 42 / Star Citizen

January 2014 – Present (Active)

Unit Name: Darkstar Squadron
Game: War Thunder

World of Tanks


From Space Marshal Owosci “Regent” Aeternali

We are more than a fleet we are also we are a Star Citizen fan community of friends. I am a Space Marshal (Wing Commander) backer of Star Citizen, I bought an Idris-M Frigate and we were lucky enough to recruit several members who bring in an additional Frigates. The reason I purchased the Idris-M, other than to obviously support Chris Roberts and Star Citizen, is that it adds a whole new dimension to the game for the members of Darkstar Squadron. Additionally, it is very unlikely with that large of an investment that we will be going anywhere.

We tend to be involved in a lot of activities with a lean towards a good alignment. We have a group of military veterans, I am one among them, that not only love flight and space combat simulations, but we can add a whole new level of immersion. I also have a Day with Chris Roberts come up soon. If you if have a question that has been burning in your mind, there may be an opportunity to get your question answered.

Below, there is a section that covers the fleet structure. Do not get too bogged down with ranks and structure. They are only there to add immersion to enhance your game experience. Specifically the Joint Operations Division has a non-military rank structure based upon your reputation within the Fleet. The Ranks are Operative, Senior Operative and Master Operative. The remaining divisions have a single rank structure based upon Star Citizen and real life. Ranks such as Space Marshal, Admiral, Captain, Commander etc.

Please feel free to visit our website or ask me any questions that you may have.

Summary of Activities

• Bounty Hunting
• Exploration
• Freelancing
• Mercenary
• Logistics (mining/refueling)
• Militaristic/Security
• Smuggling
• Trade
• Roleplay

Fleet Structure

You are free to join any one or more of the following divisions. A friendly rivalry between Divisions does exists. The effectiveness of a Division Commander is measured by a number of metrics, knowledge of the specific aspects of the game that they lead, leadership capability, time availability and most importantly, level of activity/ content generated for our members.

High Command

High Command consists of the upper leadership of the Fleet. This includes the Space Marshal, the Executive Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief Diplomat and the Special Operations, Combat Operations, Security Operations and Logistical Operations Commanders.

Combat Operations

Commands all of the Combat Space Wings, the Combat Pilot (Top Gun) Academy and Combat Operations

• Archangel Wing – Elite Fighter Escort (Ship Based)
• Flanker Wing – System Defense (Station Based)
• Firestorm Wing – Dedicated Bomber Wing
• Top Gun Training Wing – Combat Pilot Academy

Logistical Operations

Commands all logistical, economic, transportation and scientific operations. establishes bases, shipyards and depots.

• Forgemaster Wing – Forward Base Establishment
• Tractor Operations Wing – Resource gathering, refuelling and mining
• Starfinder Wing – Non-Military Exploration, Surveying and Chartering
• Trademaster Wing – Commerce and Trade

Security Operations

Commands the Elite Guard used to provide security on the Idris Command ship, the Marines, internal security and Intelligence

• Elite Guard – Marine Guards, pilots and security personnel who protect members of the High Command
• Marines – Marine units that are the ground forces for the fleet
• Internal Security – Police Force that investigates crimes, apprehends criminals and administers justice both internally and externally.
• Intelligence – Clandestine Service that collects, analyzes and disseminates critical information on our enemies

Special Operations

Commands all clandestine, exploration, reconnaissance and search and rescue operations

• Falcon Wing – Light reconnaissance and scout operations
• Godwit Wing – Long range exploration operations
• Phoenix Wing – Search, Rescue and Recovery operations
• Raven Wing – High risk Salvage operations and Bounty Hunting

Joint Operations

A less militaristic division for those members or characters that value their independence

Thanks for your time and consideration

Owosci “Regent” Aeternali
Space Marshal, Commander in Chief
Darkstar Squadron


Who We Are

We are a Fleet that strives to improve the game enjoyment of its members by providing an atmosphere that promotes participation in a fun, low stress and supportive social environment. You will find that we support our members by assisting them in achieving any of their goals. We believe that who we are is clearly reflected by our uncomplicated Rules of Conduct..

Have fun!

This is why we play the game right? Don’t forget that fact.

Help others to have fun!

It’s expected that you play to have fun but that does not give you the right to have fun at other peoples’ expense. You should do all that you can to make sure your friends are having fun as well. Regardless of rank or position no one has the right to treat another with indignity or disrespect.

Be Patient!

With enough time and effort anything in the game is possible. Learn from your setbacks, work on your goals and be patient.

Real Life Comes First!

We all have events in our lives that interrupt our plans and demand our immediate attention. Be flexible with those who have had real issues taking them away from the game.

Be Honest!

We do not lie, cheat or steal from others or tolerate those among us who do.