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Dark Star Syndicate / DSSYND

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    Bounty Hunting
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Dark Star Syndicate is an organization that aims to experience all the game has to offer. We have no singular focus, instead our org hosts all forms of events from PvP tournaments to mining expeditions to roleplay/emergent gameplay. We make our own content according to the needs of the server.


Dark Star Syndicate was founded after the dissolution of our previous organization, 7Angels7Plagues (7A7P). We carry on the non-focused gameplay of the previous org that encourages our players to create emergent gameplay for any servers we find ourselves on.


Dark Star Syndicate fulfils any role that the server finds lacking. We will lock down or liberate Port Olisar, mine for quantanium or extort those who do, send criminals to the Klescher or organize a mass breakout, as long as it is within the rules of the game.


We might troll or flame other players (particularly to incite action if necessary), but we do not pad shoot or pad ram. We prefer to engage on equal ground.