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Welcome to our official Spectrum channel for “Wulf Logistics”, the only “courier” you will ever need.

“We Teleport Matter for Money”


Wulf Logistics is an information broker and logistics director, selling consultation for wealthy patrons and fuel transportation caravans for the fleet of thirsty star-ships that want the drink.

Originally started as a shipping company has found niches in smuggling and grey market goods, it used to sanction humanoid trafficking (slave or otherwise) but dropped shipping for slave trading when pressure from the dwindling margins and collateral damage inhibited more lucrative trade of black and grey market pharmaceutical drugs. Slave transport required a degree of maintenance and life support, Fuel and other cargo did not require such maintenance.

Other than that, white, grey and black goods are open game.


Wulf Logistics, as the name implies is concerned with getting cargo to its destination


The Charter is only obey the laws of the pack.

Pack Laws:

*Be professional
*Be logical
*Be aware
*Never make the same mistake twice

The Corporation became split into three complimenting factions


Deals in information of logistics.

In order to counter trade interference from pirates or legal authorities, Wulf Logistics has a Intel department that hires scouts to explore and sometimes monitor safe trade lanes, court Trade Authorities, create misdirection and obfuscation for its fleets to travel from point A to point B.

Agents in the Intel department get and definitively earn the largest cut of the coin. Since they can usually discern which shipments will be easy and which will fraught with complication (requiring activation of the Mercenaries and added expense)

There are a limited number of Officer positions

  1. CEO (Chief Executive Officer, Leader of the Pack “Chief Strategist”)
  2. CTO (Chief Technology Officer, Mod Developer/Designer)
  3. CFO (Chief Financial Officer, Keeper of the Coin)
  4. COO (Chief Operations Officer, Sergeant at Arms)
  5. CAO (Chief Administration Officer, Keeper of the Database)

Revenue (Salary + Investment Options)

Logistics (Admin)

The logistics department (aka Admin) handles the actual transportation of all goods, mostly fuel though out the verse. They report to COO, CAO
Accounting, Monitoring Transport
Running the actual logistic operations of the transport, accounting and verification. Fuel delivery and fuel transport rental.

Revenue (Salary)


Escorts for high value trades, perks include discounts at fuel and weapons depot Reports to CEO, CFO, CTO
Escorts, Infiltration Specialist

Revenue (Trade cut + Bonus)