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“Carpe Noctem” … “Seize the Night.”


Silence, darkness, eternity of space. Blacker than your imagination seems to recall, space rotates around you as you spin out of control. Your spacesuit, the medium between death and your corporeal form, shrouds the ever looming demise of your soul. Suffocating, you breathe faster than your suit provides oxygen, not that it seems to matter all that much. You head pounds, blood gushing through your veins like liquid acid, while the constant rotation of the stars around you give you vertigo. You resist the urge to vomit. Every few rotations, you see your ship calling back to you. It seems to echo your feelings.

You begin to blackout, just as a voice is heard over the comm device adjacent to your ear. “54 Alpha come in. Come in. We see you and are bringing you aboard. We got you. You did well.” You somehow feel relief as your vision narrows to a pinpoint. You blackout. Vague peace ensues in light of your lack of conscientiousness.

Delirious are those who transgress the stars, without the company of comrades and friends. The verse is an unforgiving place, that leaves no one unscarred. Let us be your friend, guide, mentor, student, assistant, or savior when the time arrives. We are here for you, and ask the same likewise. No one is excluded, and everyone is important towards the common denominator. Loyalty, honor, respect, and a higher moral ground are key values ever instilled into The Dynamis Coalition since its foundation. Promoting security, freedom and assistance to those who require it has been one historical backbone of the Coalition’s place in the universe. Placing others before yourself is of a higher calling, and does not suit everyone. With the concept that a happy organization provides the best qualify of service and production, defined rules, organization and policies implemented through crewman oaths have long served the Coalition. Move through the ranks, define yourself within the Coalition, and the universe. Be the change you wish to see. Commit, dedicate, assist, and promote towards progress.

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Aim straight, stay safe. Blessings. Make it rain if you must.


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This is being worked on. Check back soon!