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Roberts Space Industries ®

Deep Space Disco / DISCO

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- Org featured as MVP by Around the Verse! -


Share with us the vision of the first intergalactic mobile dancefloor ever known on UEE. Our goal is to unveil the mysteries of our wonderful universe while enjoying awesome music and astonishing live performances with the best underground artists from the all around the verse, and of course a little bit of wild action, lasers, explosions and space crashes!

If you want to rule your own world someday but are just ok with a nice dance mambo jambo in the space for the moment…. don’t hesitate



Hi all! I’m proud to introduce in the space society this organization: DEEP SPACE DISCO

The first intergalactic mobile disco it’s finally here! If you share our vision and want to unravel all the verse’s wildest and more dangerous secrets while raving loud with the best music ever made? Want to smash vanduuls with your friends while the bass is dropping?? Want to share the vision of the most beautiful nebula ever while listening to weird rock tunes from 900 hundred years ago??? If you answer is yes, JOIN DEEP SPACE DISCO NOW!!

Just remember, join now and get your free tickets FOR THE MASSIVE PARTY!
Are you a DJ? Do you have a band? we want you!! we want to play loud live music with you, so just send us a message and join fast!

DEEP SPACE DISCO, the true neutral zone for everyone to do whatever, the only rule without exception is to have fun and enjoy the fxxaking music!

By the way, we are totally ok with you guys and girls just being affiliates, we thought thats totally ok, cause we are in fact a disco, so we would love to have your name ON THE LIST ;) of course it’s totally ok to be a full member, we need you! :D

Thanks all! We love you!!


Again anothe space that needs to be filled with words… don’t worry, we’ll do it in the future, when the org have more than 3 members…