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Eagles Nest / EAGLESNEST

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Welcome to Eagles Nest.
“Our Eyes are to the Stars, Our Hearts are in the Adventure and our Minds are on the Profit.”
The Eagles Nest is the Home Hangar and Apartments of the Eagle Family on the Planet Terra where Jonathan “Longsword” Eagle set up his Clubhouse for independent business proprietors.


At the tender age of 40, Jonathan Eagle found himself a decorated and pensioned veteran. He had retired gracefully from the UEEN on disability had a new wife and new career to look for. After purchasing Eagles Nest as a base, he bought an old small personal cargo transport with his lump sum and put his piloting skills to work, trading about the known systems. In the endeavour “Longsword Eagle”, his Military Call sign that he carried over into civilian life, used his skills of observation and his knowledge of the star systems he had visited, to discover new potential mining and colonisation sites, which he then sold onto the appropriate authorities.

In this process, he also discovered that he was not alone in this career, mainly the business of exploration was dominated by big organisations and companies working in constrained but efficient manner, but it also held many who wanted to Freelance, doing a bit of trading whilst keeping their options open.

After a while he got together with a few of them that he had met and enjoyed an evening with more than once; they agreed to form a club. This club was a meeting place, with the club room in the Nest for some face to face time, but mostly on Spectrum where they could swap stories, information and to ask for and give assistance. This club was Eagles Nest.

When Jonathan Eagle disappeared in 2935 leaving his holdings to the Twins Clark and Kara, the Clubhouse and the people frequenting it slowly dissipated. The Twins had their careers in the UEEN and the Eagles Nest became just a Hangar and Apartments.

In 2947 Clark “Broadsword” Eagle retired from the UEEN having served his time achieving the rank of Captain and having had Command of both a squadron and a Capital Ship under his belt. For a while he drifted earning credits and building a reputation. He then served a period in the Republic of Lorell Navy, eventually becoming the Chief of Staff to the Admiral.

Once more adrift in 2949 Broadsword started to form the idea of reinvigorating the “Club” that was Eagles Nest. His plan was to bring together like minded individuals with sound morals and fair business practices to work in concert..

The “Club” was to be configured for Mutual support in the various enterprises, with Mutual Respect the key virtue. A haven and club, a place to exchange information trade ideas collaborate on larger schemes and realise the vision that is the Universe.

If you have the right skills and temperament you may be invited to join.


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