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To strive for a grasp of the Verse implies to

endure it long enough, collect knowledge of and seek out
all its varieties and wonders.

To grasp the ways of the Verse
enables one to roam its playgrounds
freely and to rearrange its known edges.

And so we endure | collect | seek



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  • archiv has been reformed.


Our esteemed leaders have summoned a conclave to put into writing the foundation of our Faith. Please come back soon to learn more about our community.


The `Verse is a great playground for those who can endorse long enough to understand its habits and to reach its known edges.
But to ride the waves of the `Verse augurs sucess in combining the technology and the knowledge as well as tolerating and understanding the code of cunduct and cultural traits of all the races and factions alike.

To acheive the freedom strived for by the members they explore, repair, learn and develope as much as possible as well as try to be neutral with all the factions so they can travel and research the `Verse for all its vast wonders.
Join up if you would like to share the same longing for the chance to see as much of the wonders waiting to be discovered out there.