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Elysian Drop Troops / EDT

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We’re an 18+ based Organization made up of Warhammer/Planetside and PC gaming fans. As with most gaming communities, we have our own rules that we follow to make our experience more fun and enjoyable for all members.

Take your time to read the Manifesto if you want to know how we operate.


A organization is founded…

The organisation called Elysia was founded on a unknown date by a select group of Military, Corporate and Civilian figure heads. They created branches that operated under the same name. A corporate branch focusing on mining, trade and transport. A Military branch handling protection and anti pirate operations. And a yet unknown branch, whose activities and whereabouts are only known to Elysian command.

The first public appearance of Elysia was on December 11th 2832 when they started construction on their first station on the edge of controlled space. Officials of the Empire were worried that Elysia did not follow the guidelines it had set for independent organisations. And after many interrogations and inspections they were finally deemed to be within the law.

When the station was finished, the empire saw fit to comendeer 75% of its space and capacity for military usage, the Elsyian council was furious and fought the occupation with every legal measure they could find, but on June 21st 2834 the Imperial court decided that the military had all right to take control of the station and its functions and that a independent civilian organisation did not need all that space in the first place.

It was that moment that the Elysian council retreated its military branch from the station and left it as the corporate headquarters to facilitate trade and mining operations from that sector of space. What the Empire did not know is that a large exploration mission had been launched and in 2837 the Military and unknown branch disappeared from all records. Officially they were disbanded, but unofficially then had started the construction of a base of operations deep in uncontrolled space.

Now known as Elysia Domus – Home of Elysia. The system is heavily protected by its Military branch and is completely independent, whilst it retains relations with the Empire it does not fall under its jurisdiction. With stations in many of the surrounding systems and a fierce fleet to protect it, Elysia will forge its name in the history of mankind.

The year, 2942, Elysia rises. You now write our history.

Loyalty to the Council.
Shield to the people.
Glory to Elysia Domus.


So who are we and what do we do?

“From the skies!” – Regimental Motto

We are the Elysian Drop Troops, our methods of battle may differ from other organizations. We’re known for our rapid deployment capabilities, tactics and tons of pure fun . We specialise in being able to deep strike into enemy territory. The Elysian Drop Troops are amongst the best rapid response troops, It is common for the elite soldiers of Elysia to appear from the skies en mass above their objective, raining onto the battlefield and sowing devastation and confusion throughout the enemy lines before they have even landed.

What can we offer?

Leadership and Teamwork

We pride ourselves on giving our members the best experience they can gain from any game, we have put in place a rank structure that gives our members the leadership that will equip them on overcoming the enemy in battle, we have many ex-service members that offer their tactical insight to over members that help us move and perform with better efficiency. We make sure that every member knows that teamwork overcomes any enemy, we train ourselves to move and act as a team when we face our enemies. Together, as one.


We have put in place a rank system that allows us to manage the outfit with ease, it also allows us to identify each member we have and what role they play within our outfit, every member starts as a Drop Trooper, every member has the equal chance to move up the rank structure by showing the outfit commanders they have the dedication and determination to go the distance.

Voice Communication

We use Teamspeak 3 for our voice communication service, all members are required to connect to Teamspeak 3 when we go out on operations, this does not mean you need to have a microphone, just the ears to listen to orders and the courage to follow them.

Dedicated Website & Forums

We have a fully active site and forums for members to post anything related/non related to the game, it also allows us to manage our members, set up times for events and also lets everyone bond as a organization.

Structure of the outfit

To give our members the very best of Star citizen we are divided in three major sections:

- Civilian wing
- Military wing
- Mercenary wing

With that being said we do not intend to cut you from any wing, today you may want be in the civilian wing to do some peaceful mining earning cash in the process, tomorrow you may want to try to be in the Military wing patrolling through our sector or you want to try out our Mercenaries in a grey area of space.

Civilian wing

The Civilian wing is foundation of every successful organization. In this wing you can do any of the following

- Mining operations
- Transport goods
- Trade
- Explore
- Research

Military wing

A strong and dedicated military is our pride, shining beacon to our friends and the worst nightmare for our foes. In this wing you can do:

- Patrol and keep secure our sector
- Escort our mining, trade operations
- Protect our borders
- Board enemy ships
- Fight in conflicts

As a reward for doing this sacred duty you will receive a daily pay, and in case of losing your ship in the battle you will be refunded no matter the guarantee. If you don’t own your fighter ship but you are willing to do this sacred duty one military class ship will be provided for you.

Mercenary wing

In the vast emptiness of space not all is black and white, there are certain shades of grey in which our Mercs operate. Maybe they are singing yaar har diddley dee or maybe they have double layers in their cargo space. In any case our Mercs know that they will not accept any task that can harm our organization but they are more than glad to accept all other tasks that can increase their income. Also they know that in our organization they are stronger not only to sheer numbers but also they know that they can rely on our protection.


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