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East India Company / EIC0

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Propter Lucrum, Vincemus Stellas
For Profit, We Conquer the Stars

Multi-gaming Community



East India Company

A revival of the East India Company of old, founded in the year 2945, we are a Mercantile Trading Company that has expanded into the Stanton system in pursuit of profit from the resources and commodities that can be found within the system.
Our interests are aligned with that of the United Earth Empire. Furthermore, we ensure that our own interests are protected and enforced through our private military, and that members of the corporation are supported in their pursuit of profit.
The East India Company welcomes citizens from all professions under our employ, traders, combat fighters, explorers, miners, etc. we have a place and need for everyone.

As a community, we are a progressive community that promotes tolerance, and inclusion. Bigotry or bias of any sort will not be tolerated.

We are the East India Company originally from Elite: Dangerous


Seek profit, wherever it may be found.

Treat others with respect.

Be honourable.

Diplomacy before war.

Protect what is ours by any means necessary.


We are a Casual Player Group

This just means that our first priority is to have fun in a fun environment. If you wish to join us you are not required to participate in operations a certain number of nights a week, or have a certain ship with certain outfitting.
No one will be punished for not participating in operations. It’s just a part of the game, and if you want to participate, we want to help you participate.
All are welcome, as long as they’re willing to respect others, follow the rules and have fun!

We are an Ambitious Player Group

Many of the games EIC members enjoy are group games, and we engage in collaborative and competitive operations on a regular basis. We’re here for fun, but we also play to win.
As noted earlier we don’t require operational participation so if you’re working on your own objectives that’s ok! However, when participating in operations, please make every effort to follow guidance from leadership, respect people’s time if it’s a scheduled event and give it your best effort.

Don’t be an A**hole

If you’re a jerk, you won’t last here. We’re a group of people here to enjoy a game together, not act as your punching bag or therapy session. We’re looking for people who want a fun and positive environment (that doesn’t mean we don’t talk about gross or upsetting things occasionally. We just do it politely).
We expect our members to be civil, accommodating, and considerate. We’re a community and we like to think of ourselves as more than just pixels on a screen, but a group of online friends.
Treat your fellow EIC members as if they were your real life friends (if you treat your real life friends like shit, you probably won’t fit in here). Calling people out on their skill level, or lack thereof is not tolerated. We also have a strict anti-harassment policy.
Put simply, don’t be an a**hole.
Do be a space-a**hole, if you want to be! Pirate, gank at CG’s, go for it if you so choose!

We are an Open and Welcoming Player Group

We welcome people of any race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else that you feel is worthy of defining yourself as.
Hence we have a zero tolerance policy for racial, homophobic, misogynistic, or any other hate speech, even on a jokey ground.
Good-natured ribbing happens, we’re a family after all – but harassment will not be tolerated.
(If you find yourself being harassed by anyone contact a Fleet Commander immediately.)

Real Life Comes First

If you have to leave an instance or operation suddenly because the baby is crying, or if you can’t help someone out on Thursday because you have a hockey game, then that’s more than cool.
We don’t want people putting any game before real life. However at the same time, see rule 1.
If you know in advance you can’t make it to participate in operations that you signed up for, let someone know.

Respect Each Other’s Time

If you’re not scheduled for anything, then do what you want. However, if you sign up for something, realize that we’re counting on you.
If 10 people sign up to participate in operations, and you don’t show up, then 9 people may have changed their schedules to play that night, and you disrespected their time.
This is a game, and we’re here to have fun, but when we do things that are group activities, you are expected to respect each others time. If you sign up for an operation on a Tuesday night, and Tuesday afternoon a hot girl/guy (Whatever you’re into) asks YOU out, then by all means go for it, just let us know first you won’t be making it that night.
In the most simple terms: Show common courtesy.

Zero Drama

Here at the EIC we like having a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. If you like to cause drama between others or bring your own drama into our community realize that we’re not going to put up with it.
Will there be disputes and arguments? Of course. We just expect people to handle legitimate disputes maturely, and not in a group chat environment. If there is a problem that can’t be resolved directly between two EIC members, escalate it to a Fleet Commander – we’re here to help. If the drama involves a Fleet Commander then elevate it to one of the Chairs. If you piss off those two, may god (or your deity of choice) rest your soul, but seriously then talk to another Admin about it.
If an Admin talks to you about something, your behavior, a dispute, or whatever please take the opportunity to evaluate your part in the matter and make it better. If needed warnings will be issued but if you can’t live drama-free then expect your stay with us to be short.

Most Members are 18 and Over

We generally do not accept members under the age of 18. While it’s not carved in stone and exceptions can be made having minors on board opens up a number of issues we simply don’t want to deal with.
We’re not making a judgment on the maturity of players as individuals it’s just a decision in the best interests of our members and the organization. If you are under 18 talk to one of the leaders before applying or find a current EIC member to refer you.

Role Playing

Role Playing is optional!
We generally don’t RP, though we will often include lore in our reasoning or messaging for operations. You’re welcome to RP if you like, and if you don’t please don’t be a jerk to those that do.
If you are going to Role Play then you agree to first post the honest details of who you are role-playing as. This will help everyone understand who you are and where your role playing perspectives are coming from.

We Do Not Exploit

No combat-logging and obviously no hacks or exploiting of bugs.
Despite the gray area from Frontier on Menu-logging, we consider using this method to escape a hostile player encounter to be a form of combat-logging and will be grounds for sanctions up to and including a ban.
A Hostile Player Encounter shall be defined as any time between the establishment of an interdiction tether and a safe wake out. In the case of encounters that do not have a supercruise component the hostility shall be deemed to begin with weapons fire and end either with a safe wake out or safely landing at a station, outpost or port.
This will be strictly enforced!

Zero Tolerance for Spies

We do not condone espionage, RP or otherwise. First and foremost we are a community – dishonesty and subterfuge have no place here. If you are found to be a spy you will be banned and put on our KILL ON SIGHT list for life.
This is your one and only warning. You aren’t Role Playing! You are a fake person who will use the friendship of others to hurt them. It’s coward’s work.
This rule is written because of the respect we have for EIC members. Here at EIC you are more than pixels on a screen or a voice in Discord. You are a person, and the friendships we have are real.on. Please come back for updated information.