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The Farm / EIEIO

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Spring chicken or old nag, there’s a place for you down on the farm. Don’t be put out to pasture.


We flew for the UEE once, and now we have dirt on our hands… At least it’s on our terms this time.


Whether by pitchfork, shovel, or hoe we will be making hay while the sun shines.
We shall reap what we sow
There’s plenty of chicken’s to count and eggs to hatch into chickens to count
Mount your trusty iron Pegasus
Fly for your freedom, Fly for your livelyhood
Fight to survive.


Thou shalt not fly with unrestrained livestock in the cabin
Thou shalt not abuse the livestock
Thou shalt trade in grain and animal feed
Thou shalt stockpile ample amounts of fertilizer (just in case)
Thou Shalt control the flow of water