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Executive Justice / EJC

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Security
  • Exploration

Executive Justice

“Order Amidst Universal Chaos”

Teamspeak Information:


Password: justice



Executive Justice reaches 50 member mark


Executive Justice members purchase 3 more Idris’ bringing the total to 4


Executive Justice gets Twin Javelins


Executive Justice reaches 30 member mark


Executive Justice website developed.


Executive Justice joins Operation Pitchfork


Executive Justice Star Citizen group founded


Welcome to our manifesto page,

Executive Justice is a gaming organization developed by a group of military veterans seeking a casual and friendly group of players offering mutual support in advancing anti-piracy operations. We currently have an Idris-P centered fleet numbering over 30 members manning 50+ ships. While our focus is anti-piracy in nature, our members have the flexibility of choosing any role they so choose. We have fighters, capital ship crew members, merchants, explorers, bombers, bounty hunters, diplomats, and logistical personnel.

If you’re looking for group with strict rules and mandatory play times, Executive Justice is not the organization for you. We may occasionally participate in organized operations like Operation Pitchfork, but participation is always voluntary. With members and allies spanning the globe, there is usually someone available to help provide fire-support in-game.

If you’re interested in our organization, feel free to check out our website at We normally keep in touch with our group via the site forum, or on Twitter at @ExecJustice. Details for our TeamSpeak channel are posted on the website as well. Regardless of your choice in organization, we look forward to seeing you in the SC Universe!


The Executive Justice Crew


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.