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Federation of Elite Pilots / ELITE

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  • Exploration

The Federation of Elite Pilots’ core value is tolerance. We recognize that our members may have commitments in other universes, and happily make allowances for that. We also make allowances for those members who operate outside the law. Casual footwear is not permitted at the members’ only bar.


The founding of the Federation of Elite Pilots is shrouded in mystery, but the core principle was to find the best pilots space has to offer. Members were ranked according to the number of kills they achieved, and by the time a pilot reached ‘Elite’ status, they would have many thousands of deaths to their name. Over time, the system has lost its brutal edge, but we still seek to find the best of the best.


When you can’t remember which game you’re playing, we’ll be there. When you fancy a change of scenery, we’ll be there. When the servers are down for maintenance, we’ll be there. When you’re being chased by a gang of fury-filled pirates, we’ll see what we can do…


The only rule is, there are no rules. Under the Charter of The Federation of Elite pilots, this rule is non-binding and unenforceable. Please do not attack other members though. Repeated infringements of the dress-code at the members’-only bar may lead to exclusion.