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Elite Expeditionary / ELITEEX

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We’ve got your back. Anytime. Anywhere.


Elite Expeditionary existed and was active daily from October 2020 – June 2022, primarily focused on being an exclusive, highly efficient and highly skilled small group of “laid back professionals.” Many cross-org ops were coordinated and conducted on a regular basis, to include frequent collaborations with Invictus Praetorian, VVarhammer and Meade Hall to name a few. Elite Expeditionary is also the source of EE Studios, a popular SC machinima production entity on YouTube and home to series such as OVERCLOCKED and Red Line.

NATRONIX, the lead producer behind EE Studios, was also the Founder of Elite Expeditionary and its Lead Commander for about one year, before transitioning into a more supervisory role and appointing Neddie Seagoon Lead Commander. Eventually, NATRONIX was not available to oversee the continued development of the company and decided to dissolve the group to preserve its legacy through EE Studios instead.

Some of the exploits of EE in the OVERCLOCKED series mirror major milestones of the org’s actual history.


Elite Expeditionary was a highly efficient Private Military Company (PMC) that recruited from the ranks of the UEE Military and operated utilizing a Task-Force format aimed towards various expedition types throughout the Verse. EE was self-sustaining and prided itself on being the “SOCOM” of PMCs — as they had proven themselves both with and against other orgs and during real-time, in-Verse mission sets time and time again. EE had an open-ended candidacy period and only selected individuals who had a team-focused mentality and were able to work smarter, not harder, regardless of their skill-level upon application. EE was highly respected by both UEE compliant and pirate organizations alike.


Always strive for quality over quantity.