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Elysium Corporation / ELYCO

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– Elysium Corporation GmbH – Anticipating excellence & ingenuity, beyond traditional standards –

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Golden ticket time

Elysium will buy any offered golden ticket for the F8c Lightning h2. (400K aUEC)

Contact any ECA member on our Discord.
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We started as a small PMC in 2946 dedicated to fighting vanduul and piracy. We went into skirmishes with a multitude of factions trying to disrupt our way of trading. We slowly started gaining interest in corporate business that we perform now. Fast forward to 2951, we have now rebranded ourselves as a full corporation focusing on generating profits by trading / mining and a multitude of other things. As well as helping others in need.

Why you should join the Elysium Corporation

  1. Access to try ships you may not have.
  2. Access to experienced guides that can give you a tutorial about the game and how to succeed.
  3. Participating in paid Corporation missions. As well as joint operations with our alliances.
  4. The ability to become something more and earn whilst doing it.
  5. To meet like minded people who will help you every step of the way.
  6. To experience all we have to offer as we grow forever larger.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Ability to introduce yourself and collaborate with new people.
  2. Ability to hire other members of the Corp to crew your ships.
  3. Opportunities for growth inside the Corporation.
  4. You are given a chance to apply to new ranks/responsibilities in the Corporation.

Sounds exciting! How do I apply?

To join, please send us a request on the RSI page and then proceed to join our Discord where you will verify your handle. Once you have been accepted into the ORG, you can then proceed to join our discord. And then once verified you will be accepted and recognized as a full member of the Elysium Corporation.



Elysium Corporation endeavors to acquire a Star System in-game that we can utilize for profit among the Corporation Employees with the ECMB, ECFL and the ECSF.


Members of the Corp have the ability to learn all about the in-game Medical system through our Discord and the experts we have within our Employees after you have completed your training. You will be added to the list of people that are able to be hired for Medical work.

If you are interested in PMC work, you can join the Discord and contact the Drill Sergeant to get your role assessment and see where you belong in the Elysium Corporation Security Force.

The Elysium Corporation will have a system in place that means that players interested in trading without high SCU ships can work with us using Employee ships for cargo hauling, whilst gaining 20% of the profits gained.
Whilst in this process, you will also have the ability to learn cargo routes that can earn you more profits once you have gained enough funds to purchase your first ship.

Elysium Corporation Employees will have the opportunity to hire any mining member to join them aboard their ship to man mining lasers. Employees will be paid 15% of the total revenue generated.

Future professions include, but not limited to:

  • Exploration
  • Security
  • Touring
  • Engineering
  • Transport Pilot
  • Base Builder
  • Capital Ship Operator
  • Weapons Expert
  • Loadout Manager
  • Mission Planner