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Shadow Elysium / ELYSI

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Shadow Elysium, is a captivating concept that resonates with intrigue, secrecy, and a commitment to justice. It evokes images of a clandestine organization working behind the scenes.

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Shadow Elysium: Guardians of the Stars

The Dawn of Elysium
In the year 2950, amidst the sprawling cosmos, a group of security professionals, industrialists, and logisticians banded together to form what would soon become a legendary organization known as Shadow Elysium. Their vision was clear: to create a bastion of safety and prosperity within the often chaotic and unforgiving universe.

The Elysian Creed
Shadow Elysium was founded on the principles of democracy, camaraderie, and the pursuit of joy in every endeavor. Its members, drawn from all corners of the galaxy, shared a common love for the thrill of space and a commitment to each other’s well-being. They were not just colleagues; they were a family.

The Security Legacy
With a background deeply rooted in security, Shadow Elysium quickly established itself as a formidable force against piracy and lawlessness. Their fleets, known as the Elysian Sentinels, patrolled trade routes and protected vulnerable outposts with unwavering dedication. Their presence alone was enough to deter would-be aggressors.

The Industrial Evolution
Understanding the importance of self-sufficiency, Shadow Elysium invested in industry and logistics. The Elysian Forges became a symbol of their industrial might, producing ships, weapons, and equipment not only for their use but also for the betterment of the UEE. Their logistical prowess ensured that resources flowed smoothly, even across the most treacherous sectors.

The Democratic Spirit
True to their democratic ethos, every voice in Shadow Elysium was heard. Decisions were made collectively, with each member having a say in the direction of the organization. This spirit of inclusivity and mutual respect forged a unity that was unbreakable.

The Elysian Way
As the years passed, Shadow Elysium’s reputation grew. They were known not just for their military and industrial capabilities, but also for their vibrant culture. Elysians were renowned for their lively gatherings, where tales of daring exploits were shared, and laughter filled the halls.

The Present Day
Now, in the present day, Shadow Elysium stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to what can be achieved when people unite under a common cause. They continue to navigate the stars, ever vigilant, ever industrious, and always ready to extend a hand in friendship.

In the shadow of the cosmos, we find our light. Join us, and together, let’s illuminate the universe.


When Shadow Elysium was established we knew from the start that we wanted to create a place where all our members could have fun and enjoy the verse in a safe place with like-minded individuals. Who respect how others may want to play the game and help others new and old to be successful.

We don’t want to get too big as we like the feel of a tight-knit crew where everyone knows everyone else.
We are an English-speaking group based in the US & EU, who enjoy doing all the gameplay loops – naughty and nice.


Core Values
Unity: We believe that strength lies in unity. Together, we forge bonds that transcend mere pixels on a screen. Our members hail from diverse backgrounds, but we share a common purpose: to explore, protect, and prosper.

Safety First: Shadow Elysium is committed to providing a secure environment for all. Whether you’re escorting cargo ships through dangerous space lanes or mining precious minerals on distant moons, safety protocols are our top priority.

Industry and Innovation: Our engineers and miners form the backbone of our organization. From refining raw materials to constructing state-of-the-art ships (soon tm), we embrace the spirit of industry.

US and EU Time Zones: Shadow Elysium spans across both US and EU time zones. No matter when you log in, you’ll find fellow members ready to explore the cosmos alongside you.

Join Us
Ready to embark on this cosmic journey? Visit our Shadow Elysium recruitment center, where our friendly officers will guide you through the process. Whether you’re a combat ace, a tech enthusiast, or a stargazing dreamer, there’s a place for you here.

Remember: In the shadows, we find our strength. Together, we’ll shape the destiny of the ‘verse.