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The Horizon Initiative / EMANON

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Trading

The Horizon Initiative

Challenging the way things have always been done is a key priority for us. We actively develop new solutions, encouraging new ways of thinking and finding new ways of working.

We seek the depths of the Universe, exploring, trading, mining and socializing.



2944-02-23 // [THI] – was officially founded


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Transportation: The Horizon Initiative is proud to offer transportation services focused on providing safe, consistent and high quality transportation options for our customers. THI will support all types of flight missions and will provide reliable cost-effective option for any charter transportation requirement.

  • Shipment status reports
  • Pickup and Delivery of Cargo Units (Special policy and price applies for illegal Cargo)
  • Transportation of passengers, cargo, emergency response.
  • [THI] services the unique needs of every customer (coordination, detailing, scheduling, security, ground handling)

Security: We provide our customers with first class security personnel to ensure the cargo arrives safe and in “A” quality condition.

  • Armed escort of third party ships
  • Cargo Security and monitoring
  • Special security services including private VIP security

Search & Rescue: Search and rescue services require specific expertise. [THI] has been a leader in aerial search and rescue for years. Our experienced crews are trained in the highest rescue and aviation standards.

  • Immediate response to distress calls
  • Scanners & Echo transponders for locating you
  • High Tech Medical Platforms
  • Transportation to nearest Station/Hospital
  • Discretion and anonymity is guarantied

Exploration: Whether you need a pilot or a ship with pilot, to explore the known or unknown space, we can and will provide it for you. Hunting for treasures, mapping unknown galaxies or just be with fun people and enjoy the flight.

  • Long duration flights and unprecedented range
  • Affordable scientific and deep Space exploration
  • Search and mapping of known and unknown resources
  • Contracting miners for found resources

Bounty Hunting: Finding fugitives, getting rid of pirates, providing armed and armored ships and/or pilots for Freelance Bounty Hunters for a fee and security deposit.

  • Research Subjects using databases and social media outlets
  • Intel gathering
  • Bail enforcement

Mining: Discovery, mapping and extraction of valuable minerals or other valuable materials from Planets, Moons, Asteroids and other bodies.

  • Scanning and Exploring potential mining grounds
  • Managing safe delivery of extraction equiptment
  • Extraction and storage of mined good
  • Refining/Selling


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The primary goal of The Horizon Initiative is exploring the unknown universe, manufacturing goods, establish trading routes, search & rescue services and provide ships to transport goods.

Who we are

Our organization is a welcoming , diverse community, multilingual and with a common goal.
Bring people together to have fun and enjoy the protection of an expanding , friendly and loyal group.

Core values

  • Loyalty – Whatever comes , we stand together. Every member is expected to rush to the aid of any other member in need of assistance.
  • Laws – We are obedient to the laws of our universe and by rules of our organization
  • Honor – We aspire to be honest in business and in private, respect all people, help each other and seek justice.
  • Legality – When a member becomes a wanted criminal, leadership will protect the member 100%, until it can be determined whether the wanted level is justified or not. Legal assistance will be provided if innocence can is assumed internally. The Leader(s) will vote on whether or not to expel the member if intentional crimes were committed. (self defense is not a crime)

What we expect from you

  • You are allowed to rationally and maturely defend yourself, but are expected to avoid creating drama.
  • You ought to act in a manner that will reflect positively not only upon yourself, but also upon our Organization.
  • You must respect one another and show each other kindness, understanding, tolerance, and patience.
  • Information about new discoveries should be shared to insure growth and prosperity for all members.
  • ZERO tolerance on piracy against innocent and defenseless.
  • ZERO tolerance for Griefers.
  • Spies will be removed from the org. and Bounty will be placed on them.
  • Most importantly, Have FUN

What you can expect

  • Mutual respect
  • Protection
  • Intelligence
  • Elevation to a higher internal rank
  • In rare cases for extraordinary duties a company ship will be provided

Accountability: We take ownership of our decisions, our actions and our results. We deliver on our promises and acknowledge our mistakes. Above all we never pass blame.

Our Fleet include

  • Aegis Avenger
  • Aegis Eclipse
  • Aegis Idris-K Frigate
  • Aegis Reclaimer
  • Aegis Retaliator Bomber
  • Aegis Sabre Raven
  • Anvil Carrack
  • Anvil Gladius
  • Aopoa Nox
  • Aopoa Nox Kue
  • ARGO MPUV Cargo
  • ARGO MPUV Personnel
  • Banu Defender
  • Banu Merchantman
  • CNOU Mustang Omega
  • Consolidate Outland Pioneer
  • Cutlass Red
  • Drake Herald
  • Esperia Vanduul Blade
  • Esperia Vanduul Glaive
  • F7C-M Super Hornet
  • Kruger P-52 Archimedes
  • Kruger P-72 Archimedes
  • MISC Hull B
  • MISC Prospector
  • MISC Starfarer
  • ORIGIN 600i Exploration
  • ORIGIN 600i Touring
  • Origin 85X
  • Origin 890 Jump
  • Origin Rover
  • Origin X1
  • Reliant Kore Mini Hauler
  • RSI Aurora
  • RSI Constellation Taurus
  • RSI Constellation Andromeda
  • RSI Constellation Phoenix
  • RSI Orion
  • RSI Polaris
  • RSI Ursa Rover
  • Tumbril Nova Tank
  • Xi’An Khartu-al

Join us in this new space sim