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Emergency Medical Responders / EMR

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Emergency Medical Responders offer aid to all who need it. We are a not-for-profit Organization designed to offer aid to all who need it. Everyone is welcome to join this volunteer-based Organization.


After the massacre at New Corvo, ships of all shapes and sizes appeared to render aid to the citizens of Vega. In light of this attack, it was made apparent that UEE medical services are inadequate. Thus a group of ex-military citizens banded together to form the Emergency Medical Responders, a not-for-profit Organization designed to lend aid to citizens in need when other sources are either inadequate, unavailable, unable, or unwilling to respond. The brave men and women of the EMR will render aid where others cannot or will not.


The Emergency Medical Responders will offer aid to any and all UEE Citizens and Civilians who require it. EMRs will not unnecessarily risk their own lives to save the lives of others though every effort will be made to save the lives and properties of all UEE Citizens and Civilians.


Save yourself, save your fellow EMRs, save any UEE Citizens or Civilians in need — most critical to least critical, save non-human lifeforms in need, and save any property owned by a UEE Citizen or Civilian that is in danger.
Cause no harm to anyone, friend or foe, unless forced to defend yourself from an aggressor while under the banner of the EMR.
Once medical aid is given to a patient, the patient is under the care and protection of the EMR until such time that another medical responder takes over the patient, the patient is deceased, or the patient is released in good health.