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Echelon News 7 “First Responders, Investigative Coverage, Be a part of it today.”


Echelon News 7 went live seven days after 2945.10, Fenn Tamplin, a freelance newscaster was on site at the Kiering Station when all the mobiGlas systems began to flash with emergency warnings. Hearing the people outside tell the story, this live breaking news had to be filmed. He rushed outside looking overhead to see the sky filled with Vanduul. Fenn did not survive that day, the broadcast he recorded never sent.

The death toll on New Corvo was of gigantic proportions, many more were still unaccounted for. The savagery of the Vanduul attack made identifying the numerous dead a task that would take years to accomplish. The Tamplin family was lucky, Fenn was quickly identified. Admiral Bishop had his boots on the ground but refused to comment. It was the day that the Disaster Response Teams came and went. It was the day, that it was everyone’s duty to pick up arms and mobilize against the Vanduul.

Elle Tamplin, Fenn’s sister, finally got word of the killed in action list from the Disaster Response Teams. Seven days had gone by since reports of the devastation, that left New Corvo in ruins, were released. That evening on 2945.10.13 Elle, personally funded and broadcasted the branding name of Echelon News 7 in honor of her brother. She named it after a program back on Earth which was formally established in 1971 Echelon, code name Five Eyes.


What we do

[Galactic News][Planetary News][Station News][Subspace News]
Stay aware of what happens in the universe as we take you on a journey across the galaxy while keeping you informed on what interesting stories are happening right now.

[Our Very Own][Freelancer of the Month][Affiliate On Target]
Every month we will have an employee, affiliate or freelancer in the spotlights. You want to be the top submitting news reporter and become EN7’s spotlight of the month. Not only will you help with our production table but we will fit the bill for the next broadcast you submit.

[Special Report][News War][Security Reports]
Breaking stories, brought to you as they unfold throughout the universe. Our broadcasters go to great lengths to ensure you are presented with the best footage and the sharpest reports on the War front and everything surrounding it, even if it means going the extra mile and putting themselves in harm’s way. For the best coverage of anything related to the War, EN7 has you covered.

[On the Record][Political][Business]
EN7 keeps tabs on the stock markets in many systems and gives advice on buying and selling of shares in different companies. Our experienced stockbrokers give predictions and advice for anyone interested in investments. Political matters are also investigated and brought to light by our Investigative Coverage.

Live coverage of Races, Murray Cup and the G-Force Sataball Matches. Naturally presented to you with excellent narratives from renowned sports reporters.

[Travel Reports]
EN7, travel reports are direct from the Transport Safety Board. All reports will include harsh conditions, pulsar fluctuations, coronal mass ejections, magnetosphere (readings/projections), solar winds, as well as asteroid and comet impact warnings. Important risk assessments checks for any rescue works and repair operations within the planetary systems. Please remember EN7 has a no-fault policy and cannot be sued for any liability resulting in unstable or inaccurate weather predictions.

[Commercial Breaks]
Do you want your product seen and/or heard by millions of potential customers? EN7 has a few free timeslots dedicated to commercial broadcasts. Be advised however that these short breaks are few and in between. After all, we are a news Network and broadcasting News is our main priority.


Mercurius Vizier
The Mercurius Vizier proudly serves as the field flagship of Echelon News 7. Mercurius is from the old Earth’s Roman pantheon also known as Mercury. Vizier combined from two different countries of old Earth, a word from the Turkish dialect vezir meaning counselor which was derived from the Arabic wazir or wazara to bear a burden.

UEE Hermes:
Named after the Olympian messenger God and patron of Athletes. This vehicle is primarily used by Nadraxes “Nax” Baker to cover sports events. In large scale battles, like Operation Pitchfork, he can also be seen riding his space-bike in between combatants, filming and reporting for Echelon News 7 launched from the Mercurius Vizier

Rythre of York:
Heritage of the Ryther or Ryder family still lives strong. Pilot Alexis “Ocypeta” sa’Clydno’s family has been apart of the UEE navy for generations and have always kept their old historical valves traced back to the years served as a York Herald of Arms in Ordinary is an officer of arms at the College of Arms in 1427.

Is named after the shortfin mako shark which is also known as the blue pointer. The Scientific name is Isurus oxyrinchus, isurus meaning the same tail and oxyrinchus meaning pointy snout. The Isurus serves as the front line news anchor ship and will be the lead ship for Operation Pitchfork.


The mission of Echelon News 7 is to seek out, and broadcast, the finest news product possible. To find the pulse of the Verse and report stories as they unfold. With the intent to broadcast multiple categories of news, giving those stories a unique and unparalleled perspective.

Employees and Freelancers work around the clock to provide the latest news seven days a week. The goal of any media network is to deliver accurate information. Echelon News 7 will attempt to make sure we provide live coverage, breaking stories when possible frontline battle news, corporate sponsorship. To keep this free for the public, we will, of course, have advertising.

Our Principles We endeavor to uphold the journalistic values that are the hallmark of Echelon News 7.

Echelon News 7 is committed to accuracy. In times of war, truth can be hidden so we will strive to present the truth to all who view our channel. We will strive to attain accuracy in our output by:

  • guarding omissions of important news
  • seeking and reporting accurate information
  • reporting on false reports or broadcasting networks
  • avoiding technological manipulation: distortion of text, images, sounds, and social media (however, photo and video enhancement for clarity is permissible)
  • reference checking, and cross-checking before reporting
  • accountability of the network if errors are found and proven. In these very rare cases, the company will do it’s best to make the necessary amends
  • ensuring all freelancers, employees and corporate Staff members are vetted

Per our bylaws, we will accept advertisements from all median to maintain our neutral and unbiased stories to our audience.

Freelancers and researchers will fall under the contributor’s privacy act. Gaining legal access will fall under the United Earth Empire directives. News coverage will be done with respect and dignity and without discrimination.

Breaking news will be broadcast to the best of our ability without any biases or distortion of the facts even if some of our pre-programing will be highly controversial in nature.

  • information that is provided is backed by facts rather than rumors.
  • will not simulate information in order to get more viewers or readers.
  • not to address a certain point of view but to deliver comprehensive journalism