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We have truly great people and are looking for more. No initiation or hoops to go through to join. If you fit in, you’re in. We’ll enjoy every aspect of this game. We do what we want, when we want, how we want.All are equal.


Epic has been around for over two decades and will be around for several more. We have enjoyed a vast variety of MMO’s / games over the years and have have great memories and stories to tell. Epic is a guild that enjoys every aspect of a game, from PvP, Bounty hunting, Resource gathering, acquiring great wealth, owning facilities, exploring, and many more, we intend to do it all. We have been in many genres of games from medieval fantasy to futuristic. We have always believed that when it comes to recruiting new members, we will be understanding of any and all schedules they may have, and or limitations they may have. Everyone is welcome and if we enjoy your company, then you are in the guild.


In Epic, we will do what we want, how we want, when we want. All are equal. From bounty hunting to resource gathering, to smuggling and exploration, to owning facilities and PVP, we will enjoy every aspect this game has, to the fullest. You will get to do everything you want. Whether you want to own a ship, or be a part of one of our larger ships, you can do whatever you want. Be helpful within the guild, and you will rise in rank.


1. We have great people and with that in mind, everyone enjoys joking around. If you cannot take a friendly joke, this is not the guild for you.
2. Please do not post nudity on the website or links to nudity on ventrilo
3. The ventrilo belongs to everyone. Please do not attempt to spam
4. Please show courtesy and respect to fellow guild members.

With these rules in mind, the following actions are legal and acceptable. ( not to fellow members or alliance members )
Please understand that we do everything. from helping out new players, enjoying raids and such with guildies and others, give out free items, to murdering and stealing, we do everything.

1. We here at Epic feel that trickery, and deception, are useful tools in furthering guild progression. With that in mind, using your words to fool someone into an alley for a murder, gaining entry to someones ship, or even selling items for far more than their actual value, we feel that this is acceptable as long as you yourself are a good person with other guildies.

2. With that in mind, as long as it is not a guild member or alliance member, you may kill whomever you would like, if that’s your cup of tea. we intend to do assassinations and ship boarding and more as well, so there will be death, I assure you.

3. What you do with your time, is your business. It is a game and we are not here to tell you how to spend your time, we are here to make your experience more enjoyable, and to give you more options with activities as well as gain permanent friends. On that note, any help you put in for the guild ( time, donations, items / materials, ect ) will never go unnoticed. It is very important to us that you be rewarded for your help for not only improving the guild, but that you are helping out other members, and improving their experience within the guild. This is extremely important to us that you get recognition for anything and everything you may do for the guild.

Summarized, as long as you are enjoyable to play the game with, there are no rules ( other than with other members and allies. ).